Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What I do these days

These days I am more or like Lallu. I take leave from my house to come to office. Its been almost two months that I spent a weekend in Bangalore. The person to suffer is ofcourse Blore. She spent the weekends alone in our room. While I spent my days under the hot sun in Palakkad. Palakkad, by the way is my hometown. A very beautiful district in Kerala, although its famous for its hot climate and dry winds. The advantage I found having grown up there is that I can survive in most of the hot and humid places in India.

The reason why I go to Pkd often is my PSC tests. For those who don't even know the full form of PSC, it is Public Service Commission, which helps you get Govt. jobs. By the year end, or before I am sacked my job, I have been asked to earn a Govt. job by my father. I have been writing quite a few exams of late. Right from those post which needs Graduation as qualification to those which just need 7th standard qualification. Hmmm. I have no other go but to write them. Atleast that is what I can do for my father's wishes. Coming back. All my weekends are spent there at Palakkad only. The place I was born and brought up. I have a lot to write about the place and the way I fight with my fellow batchmates. Things I have to do as a true Palakkadian. But as of now, my agenda is to write about two stories (facts, whichever way you want to take it). I have a time constraint for these stories. One story is about AN aka Chalu Raja, which has become dated. So before anyone questions about the validity of the story let me unfurl the event which happened long in May 2008 when AN and Sharath travelled with Binu and Donymol.

How AN got biriyani from Donymol mother???

It was the first time we were going home after training. So we, ordinary employees, decided to travel through train and bus. Since AN and Sharath were not ordinary, they decided to reach home by FLIGHT. (OMG!). But what is there in travelling without some glamour. But all their effort went in vain when none of our girl batchmates were convinced by them. Atlast, Binu and Donymol came to their rescue. They showed some sympathy over AN and Sharath. Like they had planned, they travelled in style in cabs to the airport and then boarded the flight. But when they got the tickets, AN and Sharath had a huge dilemma. The flight was a 3 seater and one of them would have to sit in another row. Since it was inappropriate to make any of the girls to sit alone, AN decided to sacrifice. (AN would have never ever dreamt of this situation or never ever want such a thing to happen to him again). So Sharath became the king of the hour, seated in between the two young and beautiful girls(Any smoking stomachs over there?). An hour later when AN decided to have a check on these friends of his, he was shocked to see the sight. All three of them had opened some packets of snacks and had ate them, totally neglecting a friend who was seated just a row away. Well, I guess, AN will never forgive Sharath, Binu and Donymol for that. And when they landed in the great Nedumbassery Airport, everyone's parents except for AN's had come to recieve them. Binu and Sharath didn't even bother to bid bye to AN. After all the efforts taken by AN to arrange this trip, AN never expected Sharath to leave him halfway. Atleast he could have said bye. Or atleast a sorry for AN not getting seated together. Nothing. You really dont want this to happen to you. But for AN, it was Donymol's mother who was the angel. She pomptuously asked AN to travel along with them in the car to the Ernakulam Town.
While in the car, AN was going on and on with what happened in the flight. Particularly about the snacks they had brought along. What he actually was trying to was to hint Donymol's mother that he actually was hungry and needed food. So Donymol's mother drove the car to a hotel. And that is where AN finally had some food.
(P.S. :- After all these days, almost 7-8 months after this incident, AN still remembers the exact sequence of events and that was the point of inspiration for me to write the story here. Anyways atleast now you could imagine the sad status of AN when he was deprived of both food and enjoyment. After this incident, AN start getting glimpses of Asin in Donymol, courtesy the biriyani given by Donymol's mother).

AAMIR following the footsteps of Tuttudu

This is an awe-inspiring story, a moral which every Indian should follow. And when the great Indian Actor, Aamir Khan, heard this story, he decided to promote it and made an AD over it. Tuttudu is feeling so grateful. He, who had been a simple but ardent fan of Aamir Khan had never thought that Aamir would follow his footsteps. Things began when Tuttudu decided that it was enough of with staying in Bangalore and he desperately needed a vacation. So he went to his hometown and stayed there for a week. While returning, he thought "since it is not a long journey, let me take the day train- Intercity Express". Since Intercity doesn't go through Pathanamthitta, he came to Ernakulam to board the train. (Oops. None of the train, in my knowledge, goes through Pathanamthitta. It is such a big city, you know. Trains and stations don't fit in there).
Even though Tuttudu was not so excited about coming back to Bangalore, to the boredom in office, he had no other go. He had reserved for a berth ( In these cost-cutting times, I only reserve for seat. But so great of him to only travel in Berths). The journey was going on uneventful, when suddenly a Parippuvada seller came. Tuttudu was seated in the window seat. When the P.seller passed him to next coup, he heard some American accented English asking about this Parippuvada. Excited Tuttudu peeped into the next coup, to find an American women sitting there. The P.seller told the lady that Parippuvada costs some Rs. 30, while it doesnt even, in actual, costs Rs. 10. Tuttudu thought,"How dare he do this to a valuable Tourist of India. If it continues what will happen to their impression of our country? What will happen to future tourism in India?" . All the queries stormed in his brain. So he decided to step into the situation. He went on to question the P.seller. But the Tuttudu arguments went in vain and was not able to win over the P.seller. As a saying goes in Malayalam, Tuttudu tied his tail and went to his seat.

When Koratty heard this incident, she spread rumours about Tuttudu. She wrote mails to Chechi and Chetan, that this was an act , or rather a show-off, to get into an Onsite project.(Well, for those software illiterate people, onsite is the software jargon for Abroad). And that his first attempt of learning Japanese had failed miserably and this was yet another attempt from his side. The reactions from Chechi and Chetan were mixed. While one was supporting, the other went on to tease him. But there was one person who really understood the emotional trauma that Tuttudu had gone through. It was none other than our beloved Aamir Khan. He decided to act in this regard. He made an Ad in which some roadside romeos tease Tourists and Aamir Khan comes and rescue them and also spread the message to protect the tourists across the nation. Wow! Isnt it great? Of Tuttudu too?

P.S. :- I started writing this post long back, but couldn't finish because of the terrible work I have here. Coding, Stored procedures, etc. etc. Anyways days passed, even A R R and Resul Pookutty got Oscars. Its only a few, just about 53K people who are still wondering what will happen in our future. Lets hope good thing happens to us too.