Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love Letters

I know its a dated topic but I just want to revive the topic which taught me that even I can write. Nope, wrong guess. I haven't written a love letter in my lifetime. Nor did I get one. :-( Phew. But this was about the love letters I have seen and heard about. Once I had read in a magazine that some of the famous Malayalam writers, in their college days, were love-letter-writing-experts. They would constantly be approached by their friends to write letters to their lovers. Wow ! This must have been the case with almost all writers in the world. Right? And I assume that's how they got such good language, particularly when it comes to praising woman and her beauty. And I can also safely assume that girls being less of the romantic creatures, would reply to those letters with a smile(perhaps, sandals too).

But one Dheedhi I know, really took me by surprise, whom I had never had the opportunity to meet. The love interest of this Dheedhi happens to be a Bhayya in our own colony. Bhayya, who studied in my school itself, was really fun to be with. How much I had wished for him to be my real brother. This wish had gone to the extent of writing a note about him in my notebook and this little note was really liked by some of my schoolmates. But that was the past. Now, I am content with my own brother who is sweet and damn caring. Anyways, we all small kids had full rights to peek into Bhayya's house and his room also. Once when I and a friend of mine were there in his room, we happened to accidently to see this letter.Hey, the letter was kept was on his table and anyone who passed by could read it. Don't blame us. Its just a little curiosity plus a little anxiety. The letter was in Malayalam and it was a poetic too. And hence don't blame me if you find the translation of the excerpts of the letter weird and non-poetic. You do know that I am pathetic at Malayalam.
Anyways, some of the lines sounded very similar to....
I was a bird caged by my parents,
And you are the angel who opened the cage,
who let me fly high,
who let me know the world around me,

Its been almost 7 to 8 years after this incident happened. Must not you commend on my memory. (How much I wish to have such a memory when it came to studies). Yeah, for those who still think that we did a brutal violation of someone's privacy, let me tell you, that Bhayya later showed us "their" photographs. He then pointed towards a bundle of papers which he explained to be love letters from our Dheedhi. And then we were like Oh-Yeah!-We-Have-Read-It. Anyways, their love story went on very smoothly. And now they are waiting to getting married. Good Luck Guys !!!

Story 2:-

And yeah, this is also another violation of someone's privacy. But then how do you suppose me to write about love letters. I, the one who never wrote one and recieved one. Am I making it too obvious? That I have been desperate to get one? Ah, whatever! I actually don't have the time for such silly things. Ok ! So coming back to the point. This is not about any letter. This is about a diary. Yep! that little black book where you pen down everything at the end of the day. And our hero here, is a distant cousin. I have always looked upon him as a maestro and used to listen to his stories (with this girl, with that girl etc.) with my mouth wide open. Once when he visited us, he was carrying this diary with him. And he forgot to take the book back when he left. When we called him to say that he forgot his diary, he told that he will come and collect it later. And everytime I saw that book on our study table, it was as if there was some magnetic force in the book which tried to pull me towards it. And when this force reached its peak, I took the diary and opened it. To my utter disappointment, only few pages had been written on. I was about to put the book back, when I saw this sentence in one page "Njan avale kandu(I saw her)". I rolled my eyes open. Is it for real? Am I getting a scoop? The entire story stretched only for 3 pages and with very few lines in each page. But it meant a lot more eventhough it wasn't written.

First day.... "I went to my friend, X's house today. I saw her there. She lives next door"
Second day..."I went to that place again. I saw her. We talked. We decided to meet at another place"
And the next entry was there in a page within a week.
"We met today. We talked about our past. And then she gave me a gift. A hot one. (Pinne enikoru oru choodulla sammanam kitti)"

And I am not that stupid to assume that the gift he got was Pakoda or Samosa. And when I told him that I read the diary and all those pages, he just laughed it off. Since, I don't have a real contact with this cousin now, I really don't know what happened after this incident. Did he continue it or he switched to another girl? A lot questions are still unanswered.

So this was it. This was what I had written earlier in my orkut days. I think the habit of making everyone read what I wrote started around this time. I had compelled all my friends to read this one in my "About me". Some things never change.