Saturday, August 29, 2009

6 things you will hate about me

First things first. Today is Michael Jackson's birthday. And I am a huge fan of his. All through the day, I was watching his videos and news on him. There was this one show on SS Music, Catalogue, which gave an overview of MJ's life. I liked it for one reason, this is the way you should pay tribute to a person who has been trying to entertain you from a little age of 5. Not by pondering over the controversies alone.

Ok. Before I write about the 6 things, let me give out the title credits. There is a cute movie, a school love story called "10 things I hate about you" which I like very much. In particular there is a scene in which the hero is chased by the security guards for singing a song for the heroine. And I also love a song of Miley Cyrus called 7 things. In that she says, "And 7th thing that I hate most that you do, you make me love you...". Quite romantic! But this "6 things" doesn't have anything to do with this movie or the song. These will make you ( particularly, my mallu friends ) realise I am nuts and probably you shouldn't bother about me.

1. I am a huge fan of Rajnikant. So much to the extend that I cry when I see him crying on-screen.
2. I hate most of the Mohanlal flicks of 80s and 90s that are claimed to be era in itself. Like Chitram, Kilukkam etc.
3. I can commit suicide if I have to hear one more line of the songs from the above listed movies and also "Akasha Thamara" from the movie Ayaal Kadha Ezhuthukayaanu. By the way, I hate that movie too.
4. I call Mamootty, Suresh Gopi and Mohanlal sack bags. I have no discrimination here.
5. I prefer to watch a tamil movie any day.
6. Moving out of the movies. I don't like my really-long hair. If I had my say, I would have just maintained half of what I have now.

I will be continuing this quest, atleast till I find a roundable figure and also things which are not related to movies. Long back, I had read a very humourous article or rather a short story about a girl having a t-interview with an NRI. And this NRI didn't seem to know who Mohanlal and Mamootty are. And she had written, if you don't know them you don't have the right to call yourself a Malayali. Its true. Well in my case, I know them but its just that I hate them. Oldies, please give way to newcomers. We have seen enough of you.

Some updates...

Its seems like ages have passed since I blogged something. The reasons for writing nothing all these days are various. I neither had the "mood" or the "stuff" to write. I have been completely occupied by my new venture for this season- CAT. So the preparation is going in an all-time-high swing. But I am still doubtful of my capability to crack the test. Anyways, so the thing that makes me busy all day is the coaching classes that I attend. It just doesn't stop there. It makes me awake even at midnight. Oh...don't get into the idea that I have become a hardworking girl. Its just that me being a lazy bump, always end up getting a mock-test slot at 12pm or so. And thats how I ended up writing this post at 2.30 am.

Besides CAT, I have started tweeting too. But I really don't have any idea what to write there since I almost write all my updates in Facebook. And believe me, I don't really like the idea of copy-pasting the things I wrote in Orkut to Facebook to Twitter. If one day I bang my head to find two different contents for my facebook and twitter, what will I do for the next day. Logically, I can get drained off my creativity na? Lol...

So, onto some updates on my friends. Binu has got engaged to a guy with a french beard. By the way, she belongs to a place named "Chukku Bazaar". But we found neither chukku (dry ginger, i guess) nor a bazaar there. Infact, we were amused when the auto driver showing a small turning told us that it was chukku bazaar. :) And I got a more news on marriages and engagements. Ammini got married last month. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the ceremony because of a PSC test. Tuttumon is getting married to Soumi (God, I need to learn the trick of naming someone badly) this sunday. Since both are my classmates, I am expecting a small gettogether of sort there. And Aanakutty is also getting engaged to Kodasa. Speaking of Kodasa, I wish I still have the copies of TEEE, a newsletter of our class in our college which mocked everyone. It is through one such edition of TEEE that I came to know of the existence of the malayalam word Kodasa, which means tummy. And they had also claimed that the word has a Palakkadan origin. Really?

Besides marriages, many friends have got new jobs. Good luck guys. And some like me, Blore and PP are trying to go for higher studies. Taking a respite. From job, I say. But we have still got out of the hangover. Albums in orkut are still being flooded with old snaps. By the way, talking of the snaps, do you know the one thing MJ is so afraid of. (For those who don't remember, this is not the real Michael I am talking about, but MJ of our company....Read the post on theft). A: Putting his pictures in orkut. Duh Huh.... May be he is afraid of somebody morphing his pic and making a porn!!!

Okay. Thats it for now. I think I have some stuff for a new post. So see you with that soon.