Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Recap continues...this time of the decade

This has been the most satisfying day of the year. As an obedient daughter and a prospective bahu, I have done it all today. Right from cooking to washing and cleaning, I have done it all. Whenever Amma visits hometown she normally prepares me everything, even for the dinner, but today she wasn't well and hence no other go. But even when I did all these, I did find time to see The National treasure 2 for the zillionth time. Actually, I must have watched it everytime it's played on TV. And I'm secretly happy as I found out I can sneak time for movies even after marriage. Infact I'm sure I'll find time for everything while he does my chores.

So, coming back to the recap thing. Its the decade end. Is it 2009 or 2010 the decade end? I'm not sure how it goes. But then you don't call the '70 the end of 60s. Going by that logic, 2009 is surely the end of the decade. Even during the millenium time, there was a total confusion. Anyways me and my then bestfriend, we conveniently made 2000 the millenium and exchanged cards and gifts. So this post is about the decade. The past decade at a glance. I mean my past decade.

2000 :- Can't really remember anything except for the Y2K fuss. Around this time I started writing diary. Must tell you, I really love my first diary. It was really funky. I used to cut colored papers in different shapes and paste in on my diary. Made one of my classmates a rakhi brother. Call it a bad decision! I'll say very bad. After that we talked less. I say, such formalities are not-so convenient to me.

2001 :- My 10th. Loads of pressure. But still I managed to score not-so-bad marks. Rift in my 6 year long friendship. So much bitching around. It was like tit for tat. I never regretted it then, may be now, sometimes. This was also the time of decision making. I so wanted to take up Commerce but had to take yucky Science and not so bad Mathematics (no offense to Science lovers) because of my father.

2002 :- This was the baddest year of studies (then I hadn't foreseen that more worser years were yet to come). I still remember the 55 marks I scored in Maths. As far the bitching in our went on and on. We stopped talking to each other. Had different friend circles.

2003 :- I wanted to announce ceasefire with my first bestfriend. So one miss-you card and we were fine. Following the catastrophe at 12th grades, I promptly got admitted into an Engg college. The nearest one to our home. Walking was the only option as I was too afraid to drive a scooty. I lost kgs in quick pace. New friends and new enviro. Although at first, I thought school was much more fun but slowly realised it was otherwise.

2004 :- Slowly I realised I'm so gonna make mess of my studies. Maybe I never had the Engineer material in me. 1st year and 3rd semester completely explained my inability. Friends started to feel I'm no-innocent girl eventhough my face has written INNOCENCE (Yes, in CAPS) all over it. Me, Poo and SR had the job of educating fellow classmates, raising their frequency levels. While I was successful with my entire group, all 3 of us couldn't do anything with Soumi and Aanakutty. And yep, I was a part of a gang. If you put the first letters of our names together it reads PSSS.

2005 :- Amongst my usual pathetic semester results, I had one 75% after the improvement exams. I was overthrilled. I decided to write all the improvement exams. Bad decision again. I scored not even 1 mark as improvement after that.

2006 :- Ok, you're gonna so so laugh at it. It was the election year. And I was super-excited about it. Because 1. it was the first I'm going to vote 2. V.S. Achuthanandan was the candidate.(For those who don't know, he is the CM of Kerala and is considered to be one of the better politicians of the state). So I bought myself a new dress on the election day. Friends call it the election dress. The same year we went to tour. Post the trip, pairs changed, friends changed and our gang decided not to go to tours anymore.

2007 :- There was an IV (Industrial Visit). Time for another of my dress. And friends called it the IV dress (obviously). End of college times. But I realised I had made a one precious thing out of college life. Friendship for a lifetime. Me and OG. We don't like pretentions of calling each other and reporting everything to each other. It was all good and I was happy. By the end of the year I joined the company. Horrific times of training. But I enjoyed stay away from home. Hyderabad, I love the place.

2008 :- I would call it the year of friendship. I saw all of it. From the making to the breaking of it. Laid back comfortably in the Bench, I realised the value of friendship. And that I have so many whom I can rely on at any time of the day. Blore, AM, Lallu, Koratty, Ramettan, Pookutty, Pattar, Tuttudu, Eldhose. I was happy to confide my secrets, wishes, aspirations to all of them. The blunder of the year has to be the Govt. job I rejected because I felt so comfy with my IT job. Shifting to Bangalore wasn't easy but I got used to it.

2009 :- The year that saw all. I had briefed it earlier. So nothing more.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 : A Recap

Year end is my most favorite part of the year. Coz it's this time when almost all the channels and newspapers review the year's happenings and I get to learn the events I missed out. And the most interesting part, they also review the films of the year. Somehow, all are fun.

2009: My Life
Jan-June was the perfect half of the year. I had loads of money eventhough I spend less. (Believe me, I am last kind of spendthrift you want to meet). Had lots of fun. Writing many bank tests, never clearing one. Shuttling between Bangalore and Palakkad for t-interviews. Forum was a perfect locale for t-intrvws, hanging out, movies etc etc. Everytime when we used to go to Forum and see very cute guys I used to wonder, "why is that no good looking guys come for my t-intrvw". Somehow I always used to land up with someone who has height issues or be not my type (as in looks). May be marriage wasn't my cup of tea, I thought. I haven't seen any other girl working so hard to get married. But only one thing kept me on- There's only one life and as far as I'm concerned I'm not going to marry twice, so the decision has to be a full-hearted one, something I won't regret later.
July-Dec, I knew what was it like to be jobless again. My new arena was CAT. Meow. While I was getting coached, there was parallel search for a spouse. And it all ended in September. And it was all sudden. Got engaged in Oct. After that it has been a monotony of exams. But it was during this year I lost a person close to my heart. My Grandma. It was a wednesday when she left us. And the wednesday previous to that was the day when I visited her. Even when I was sitting in the bus after hearing the news, I imagined that when I reach there, she will be there to greet me as always. You haven't gone Ammamma, you are there in my heart and my thoughts and you'll always be there.

2009: The world around me
Every article I read about the calendar events of 2009 had a significant portion for Obama. WTF. Its ok to say he got elected as the 44th President of the US of A, but then you can't comfortably forget the Manmohan Singh Govt. was re-elected in April. I just have to remind these guys that Obama is the Pres of USA not of the world. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize. What for? For having "Change" as his Campaign tag. The nominations for Nobels are done in Feb and I can't stop wondering what this guy did for the one month he was in the post which earned him the nomination. May be I should also get a Nobel, I have been running a frigging blog for over a year now!
Berlin wall's 20th anniversary. Do anyone care eventhough everyone knows that the wall is still erect in the minds of Germans. Asterix became 50. So did Kamal Hasan (50 years in Cinema). I kinda started admiring him a lot these days.
This year saw a lot of deaths. Michael Jackson passed away. I still remember the way I sat for hours infront of the TV not believing he died. The void created by his death would never be filled. Great actor like Nagesh and so many veterans of Malayalam film industry passed away. The death of YSR also shocked me. During the two-day search operation, I was hoping the search squad would find him alive.
Indian cricket is all being prasied for their top spot in test cricket. I still can't understand what the fuss is all about. There are only 10 countries which play cricket and you're making a big deal of it. F**k. Roger Federer earned his 15th Grandslam (Whatever!). All I'm missing is Rafael Nadal's magic in the clay court.
Copenhagen summit was the top-flop of the year. Hundreds of dignitaries landed in the city for the summit in their separate jets, which naturally added to the pollution level. No legal binding and kill Kyoto was the main agenda which most of the countries totally agreed on. India said it would reduce some pollution level by 20% and wouldn't allow any supervision of any sorts. US in return showed some old stats and said it would also reduce the levels. When the mathematicians calculated the stats later, they found that the Americans had proposed a 4% reduction while they actually had to reduce 40%. Funny, Copenhagen also had groupism. Many countries had secret meetings on the final days. Now we have a BASIC four- Brazil , South Africa, India and China. Next year you can expect some fantastic five, sagacious six too.
Ajmal Kasab has learned the tactics now. He's now playing with Indian Judiciary. He says he hasn't ever seen an AK47 in his life. "Thanks, yaar. We know it was your ghost who posed the CCTVs with an AK47. "

This is not the end of the recap...the flashback will continue.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A snippet from my previous blog

First things first. Happy Christmas everyone. Hope you had a great day. And let the spirit of Christmas prevail all through the coming year. Hope everyone had their share of cake and wine today. Btw, I must tell you one thing. Wine has the highest alcohol content amongst all beverages. So all those who say "I'll just have wine", beware. Anyways, my Christmas, as usual, has been a total boredom, except for the movies on TV and the cake we bought a day earlier. But I still maintained a good spirit of wishing all my friends through my status updates in Facebook and Orkut.

Upon public demand (truce - 2 persons, 1. Obamamol and 2. a guy from Indiblogger), I have decided to change the template of this blog. I was convinced by one very simple template when Pattar told me that he didn't like it. So I'm in search for another. I am hoping to introduce the new template by my first post in the new year. But the problem with searching for a template online is that I can't think beyond the Trebuchet MS font and the POST part should be more wider than the usual ones we get online. Plus I'm too terrible at HTML to make the necessary changes.

And because I had no courage to experiment anything with this blog, I chose my previous blog as the scapegoat. Its only then I found some of my scribblings unpublished. And publishing something, for me, is a one big ritual. Just like a father doing his daughter's kanyadaan. Once you've done, you'll feel like the biggest headache of your life has gone. (Just kidding!!!).

I landed on this draft which had no titles and I couldn't believe I was the one who wrote it. Of course, the verses which start the post is of a very famous song and I don't mean to violate anyone's copyright issue. But it sounded so much philosophical. So..o not me(atleast the current me). It was an unfinished post and I don't think I could replicate the same emotion I had that day to complete it now. It was about a popular show called The Wonder Years (this draft dates back to december 2007 when I was high on my fanship for The Wonder Years )and my friendship during school days. I am putting it down just as it was on my dashboard. So, here it goes...

"What would you do if I sang out of tune

Would you stand up and walk out on me

Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song

And I'll try not to sing out of key"

It wasn't ringo star who wanted to sing "with a little help" from his friends, it was Joe Cocker. But what happened next was wondering for years and years. It was the "THE WONDER YEARS". The Wonder Years, a gentle, nostalgic look at Baby Boom youth and adolescence, told stories from the point of view of Kevin Arnold. Kevin recalls all those 20 years after the incidents happened. He has a lot to tell about pretty much everything he did at school, he did with friends...beit the poker games with his friends or his crush for Winnie Cooper...the list is too long to be jotted down.

What really amaze me is that while Kevin has a lot to talk about, I don't think I have much to wonder about my school days or my friends there. Am I the only person like this...I guess, there is a whole bunch out there who feel the same way as I do.Well.. everyone say that at school, there is less of politics in your relationships or friendships but from what I recollect, College was far better.

Making friends may be a difficult thing but maintaining the same rapport for a longer duration with the obvious highs and lows of our lives is much more difficult. In the course if it breaks, you start off the blame game and would never admit your wrong doings. But from a relationship that was 6 years long, I learned that it is easy to give up your attitude...........

Oh-k. That was it. I won't bother you more with these old stuffs. But I coudn't help myself with this one. Anyways, I will be coming with more meaningless craps before we wrap up the year. Cheers again.

P.S. :- I tried a lot formatting for the snippet but failed and hence the color change. That was the only feasible measure I found out.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drawing Hall memories

Post JMET (for non-MBA aspirants lemme tell you that this is a competitive exam conducted by the IITs for their PGDM course and only Engineering graduates can apply. Eventhough, it narrows down the number of aspirants, I'm still skeptical of my capabilities both as an Engineer and an MBA-aspirant), where I was allotted into a drawing hall to write the exam, I have been trying to recollect all my memories related to Drawing Hall. Since I have not been into many colleges (colleges where I write exams don't count in here coz who's got the time to explore the college then! ), I really don't know if non-engg colleges have a drawing hall, but we at NSS proudly had 4 big drawing halls(read now onwards as DH). Being Electricals, we normally had our drawing class (it sounds funny, still reminds me of the drawing class at school) at D1 and D2.

The very first competitive exam I wrote was the AIEEE at some engineering college in Cbe itself. It was then that I came to know the existence of DH. I, being a mere 5' 1", had to literally climb to sit on what looked like a KBC hot seat. And there it was a big board, which was mounted horizontally on a four-legged stand. Even when I was having a horrendous time writing the test, I couldn't help wondering what was the actual purpose of such a large board for an Engr. Silly me, I know. Honestly, then I never knew who an engr was except for a civil engineer.

The next encounter was of course the graphics classes of the first year. Must say, carrying that mini-drafter to college was more than a proud moment. The fact that I was the first ever engg student of our colony only added to my pride. Lets push aside the fact that our colony was just old as me with only 2 or 3 buddies who were elder to me. Anyways, thanks to Suresh Sir, who took the fundamentals of graphics with such fine detail that it created a strong basic of drawing amongst all of us. At the first look, Suresh Sir was a true mech, good-looking, the only problem being his height. Most of the girls equalled him. But any thought of mouthlooking him was trashed into the bin when I saw him smoke in the campus.(Btw I really hate guys who smoke, aleast those who smoke in my presence). By the middle of the academic year, we got a new lecturer but his classes weren't as impressive as Suresh Sir's class. Eventhough we first laughed on the fact that our new lecturer was doing M.Tech at IIT and he had arrears on graphics itself, but then as they say, you learn more of a subject when you have arrears of the same. Guess what, that's why I learned nothing through out my 4 years of Engg.

Besides D1-D2 posing only as drawing halls, it was the favourite examination halls of many teachers and many students. The boards are so far placed that there's very little chance for the students to pass the answer sheet without being caught. But somehow many of the boys still managed to pass the sheets and copy while I never managed to do that. The only thing we frigging creatures would do was to write notes on the drawing boards. Sometimes you had to carry razor to clear off some parts of the board because they had been written on by many amaeturs before you. No wonder, we always used to turn up early for the exam at a DH.

DH was also a favorite venue for many celebrations. Christmas celebrations in particular. Well, I don't have any good memories of having a Christmas friend. The first time it was a north-eastern guy, who gave a card and chocolates, fair enough. But the next time, Velli gave me 1 kg rice and some vegetables only because they saw me buying vegetables from a shop and carrying that back home! Well the only reason why I never saw them doing the same is that they were all hostlers and I was a day-sche. But must say, the guys who brought me that rice would really suck at cooking. It was the worst rice I ever tasted so much so that Amma (who is infamous for her non-humorous nature) commented that they would've got the rice directly from FCI. Lol.
(Ok Velli, here is my revenge. The word "Velli" is used by musicians for the awkward sound thats gets out of your throat when you sing improperly. More appropriately, he was named so because it takes a lot of time for things to Click for him. And then he was "doubter" of our class. I still donno how he used to come up with doubts on utterly boring lectures too).

While the lovers of our campus had some favorite places like the Banyan tree near the bus bay and our Sania Mirza tree, D1-D2 was also a very cozy place for them. Many such lovers have been caught red-handed. Well it happens in every college, I guess.

Our college, it was more of a sanctuary. Cows, goats, dogs, puppies were all part of the campus. Sometimes you literally had to give way for them. When you're in a Govt college, all these come as a bonus, you know.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The CATastrophe And The Coimbatore Visit

Everytime I visit Cbe(Coimbatore), I fall in love with the place again.( My love for Chennai and Tamil, which I never deny, had forced my friends to call me Pandi. But that's ok. ) It's more than just the people and the place. The fm radio that is played in every transport bus. The long wider roads- the buses still charging a minimum charge of Rs.2. The conductor who would take the correct change from Achan's hand and put back the money directly into Achan's pocket when they come to know about my father's illness. Even the ladies get up and give their seat to Achan. The first course of the rice meals, when they pour daal and ghee . The filter coffee. I just can't resist anything that Cbe has to offer.

But this time it was not just any exam. It was CAT. It should have been a good one, considering the fact that I dedicated 3 months completely to its coaching. To the extend that it changed my vocab. Maths became Quants. English became Verbal. Aptitude got split into data sufficiency and data interpretation. But then bigger things happened. I getting a "he" to refer to. The engagement. The late night phone calls. And missing him when he's off sailing. Quite a big reason to flunk it. But not for Achan. He always wants to see me buried in books. At times, I do get buried into books-but those are by Sydney Sheldon, Jeffery Archer :P.

The week was really a busy one. 22nd I had SBI test, then on 29th I had BHEL for which I had gone all the way to Bangalore(details in another post). I came back on 30th morning. The very next day it was CAT. Again I had to get up early. At 4 am. Actually, after all these exams, I have quite got used to getting up early. Rushed to station. Boarded the train and got down at Podanur station at 7. We found that there was only one small hotel opened at that time and I was dying for a breakfast . After having breakfast from there, while we were walking towards the bus-stop, Achan told me that this was the only hotel near the railway station and that Rajagopalan Sir( Sir has always been a mentor of my father), as a child always used to have food from this hotel. He continued this practice even when he became the Sr. DME of the Palakkad Division.

When I had the first glance of Srikrishna College, I thought it was an apartment or something. It looked so neat, even the girls' hostel. At the exam hall, we were inducted by 7.30 (two and a half hours prior to the exam). Even wrist-watch wasn't allowed inside the hall. The wallets were also taken away. And I thought, if you had taken a little more effort on real-time testing of CAT, instead of such gibberish security concerns, we wouldn't have our media celebrating CAT as a catastrophe. Btw, I loved the usage of Catastrophe. And then, inside the hall, we weren't allowed to utter a word. In the next 2 hours, these are the different things I tried
1. read and re-read the instructions (atleast 5 times)
2. played with my pancard
3. sleep. (but then I woke up when I realised that I was about to dream some stupid things)
4. drew flowers, plants and wrote my name in 100 different ways in the scrap booklet
5. (this is my favourite)...wrote hindi songs in Hindi first and then in English
I saw some fellow exammates doing the same.Yawning is a contagious disease. You yawn at a person and the next moment, you see him yawning too. It's so much contagious that even when I'm writing this, I yawned twice. I saw one girl flipping through her passport desperate to find a page that has not been read earlier. Really desperate!

But waiting for such a long duration wasn't helping me. My "tank" was getting filled and peeing had become a matter of urgency. I don't remember myself writing an exam without having the pee tendency. Right after the exam, I would always rush to the loo. I call it the PEE PRESSURE. Then I saw many exammates going to the loo accompanied by the volunteers. Humme tab bhi akele nahi chodoge? Whatever! I too went to the loo. Still it was no different, I again had to go to the loo after the exam. The exam was any day better than the mock CATs. In terms of the content, it was a way lot easier. But then, Verbal was too difficult for me. I have no hopes to clear the cut-offs. Anyways, still there's a sense of satisfaction, of having able to attempt a few questions convincingly.

We then went to the Coimbatore town, had lunch and then went to a market to buy some vegetables. Infact, I have started to think of doing regular visits to Cbe for the same. It just costs Rs 9 by train. And if you could get fresh vegetables, it's worth the money you spend. The next 2 hours I spend listening to Radio City, Suryan FM, Radio Mirchi in the train before it started from the station. And there I'm, back to Pkd. But I'm not going to miss Cbe. Atleast not for the next few weeks. The next two sundays have been booked for, surprise surprise, exams in Cbe itself.

P.S. :- With the high prices of vegetables, my pure veggie stand is at stake. Amma is strongly thinking of buying fish everyday. It was last June that I celebrated my first anniversary of Vegetarianism. Somehow, it makes me feel proud of myself. This is something were I have total control of myself.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My first tag post

Thanx Neha for this tag. I'm obliged. I didn't have any idea what a tag was until I saw your blog. Anyways I liked this and taking this up. The rest of writing 20 things and all would surely take the hell outta me ;). Anyways here it goes.

1. Last drink: tea
2. Last phone call : to my to-be-father-in-law
3. Last text message: Obamamol asking her about the tagging thing
4. Last song you listened to: 'our song' of taylor swift
5. Last time you cried: When I heard a senti song of Rajnikant.


6. Dated someone twice: nope...I've dated only once.
7. Been cheated on?: ofcourse, someone gossiped that I write long answers after copying it.
8. Kissed someone & regretted it?: not really.
9. Lost someone special?: my grandma...on the thiruvonam day :(
10. Been depressed?: I just need a vague reason to get depressed
11. Been drunk and threw up?: I remember passing out after a chocolate milkshake, everything else is a blur

12. Black
13. Blue
14. Green
15. White

16. Made new friends: I've a big circle
17. Fallen out of love: Never
18. Laughed until you cried: many a times...mostly at hostel
19. Met someone who changed you: no one has changed me but they have contributed to what I'm now
20. Found out who your true friends were?: Yeah and I treasure 'em
21. Found out someone was talking about you: Ofcourse, I'm the talk of the town
22. Kissed anyone on your friend's list: Yeah girlfriends and one boy who's going to be my hubby
23. How many people on your friends list do you know in real life: Everyone!!!
24. How many kids do you want to have: Minimum is two...Max may be many
25. Do you have any pets: Till now no.
26. Do you want to change your name: Nah... I love my name.
27. What did you do for your last birthday: Yeah, I was the one who had to wake up Koratty and asked to celebrate my b'day
28. What time did you wake up today:Too early.. 8 am. Amma was not feeling well and I had to make the breakfast
29. What were you doing at midnight last night: Flipping through a Logical book
30. Name something you CANNOT wait for: My marriage...I still can't believe, it's happening to me
31. Last time you saw your father: Morning 11 am. Thats when he went out.
32. What is one thing you wish you could change about your life: Get a govt job. Achan will be so happy.
33. Most Visited web page: Facebook...farmville to be precise.

34. Name: Still having some Anon issues
35. Nicknames: All my hostelmates call me Communi. And Obamamol calls me The Blogger and My Dear Entertainer
36. Zodiac sign: The Sweet Gemini
37. Male or female or transgender: Female
38. Elementary: Vivekodaya Nursery School
39. School: Kendriya Vidyalaya
40. Colleges: NSS Engg College
41. Hair color: Brown
42. Long or short: Too long, how much I wish to cut it
43. Height: I'm a shorty 5' 1"
44. Do you have a crush on someone?: None right now
45. Ever been in love?: Yeah many times...if I remember correctly my first love was Sachin Tendulkar
46. Piercings?: They pierced my ears even without asking me.
47. Tattoos?: I wanted a butterfly tattoo on my shoulder..but noone appreciates art here.
48. Righty or lefty: Righty

49. First surgery: Nah
50. First piercing: When I was just 28 days old
51. First best friend: Dhanya. She got transfered after our 4th grade. Ironically when she came back to our school in 11th, we couldn't even recognise each other.
52. First sport you loved: It has to be cricket. I was always the wicketkeeper in my neighbourhood cricket team.
53. First pet: No pets till now
54. First vacation: To Ooty. Was definitely the best one ever. Still remember we all cousins sitting infront of the Railway Guest House and singing songs from Chemmeen.
55. First concert: Railway Kalamandir. Some Music Troupe. Some new year eve.
56. First crush: Didn't I tell you. Sachin.

57. Eating: Lays
58. Drinking: Water
59. I'm about to: Go and make tea for myself.
60. Listening to: All about us of t.A.T.u
61. Waiting for: this to finish

62. Want kids?: Ofcourse
63. Want to get married?: Can't wait
64. Careers in mind?: Yeah some desk job in a govt. office

65. Lips or eyes: Eyes
66. Hugs or kisses: Like both of 'em
67. Shorter or taller: Taller
68. Older or Younger: Older
69. Romantic or spontaneous:Spontaneously romantic!
70. Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice arms
71. Sensitive or loud: Loud
72. Hook-up or relationship: Relationship
73. Trouble maker or hesitant: None

73. Kissed a stranger: Nah, I'm not that stupid
74. Lost glasses/contacts: Broken 'em... several times
75. Sex on first Date: No baby, Main ek bharatiya naari hoon!!!!(while reading this line, try to sound like Rakhi Sawant)
76. Broken someone's heart: I don't know.
77. Had your own heart broken: Yeah, when I heard SRK is married (in my 4th grade or so) . I even drew a picture of my broken heart with a red pen.
78. Been arrested: Main kya meri poori kaandhaan kabhi police station nahi gaye
79. Turned someone down: Once. I loved myself doing that even though that was the only time I was proposed. I hated him so much.
80. Cried when someone died: My grandma. I told you.
81. Liked a friend that is a boy?: I like all my friends. I love 'em.

82. Yourself: Completely
83. Miracles: Not really.
84. God: God exists in everyone.
85. Love at first sight: No...first times can betray you.
86. Heaven: It's a fantasy
87. Santa Claus: No....No SantaClaus ever got me gifts, so why should I believe?
88. Kiss on the first date?: It feels like heaven..try it ;)
89. Angels: A person has an angel and a devil in him/her...that's what I believe
90. Devils: Answered above.

91. Is there one person you want to be with right now?: I'm so much missing my friends and my hostel
92. Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time?: When I never managed to have one BF, how does this question arise
93. Wanted to kill someone ever?: Yeah, my old boss RB, the bus conductor in that green Vignesh bus ... the list goes on.
94. Among your blog mates, whom would you like to kiss?: None
95. Committed a blunder and regretted later?: So many.. Too long to list.
96. Wanted to steal your friend's boyfriend / girlfriend?: Nah, I'm more than satisfied with the current and the permanent one.

97. White:Never.. Unless I know there's a peace rally in town
98. Black: My bracelet.. I can't go out without that
99. Red: Not mine.. But Blore used to have a red t-shirt which had street police written on it and we used to tease her as street girl.
100. Pink: One of my first salwar kameez was a pink one.

So that was it.. I wish Obamamol and Jibu take up this tag. And I hope Jibu doesn't mind an english post in his Malayalam blog.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Belling the CAT

The one best thing about my blogger these days is that I tend to publish whatever I scribble more often now. Literally whatever crap I write. This, I realised when I saw not too many drafts my Edit Posts. Good na? The shift key of my keyboard (the one near to the symbols) is not working properly, and I have to press the other key for all those symbols. And this is taking my nerves. Ok! so coming back. The problem with having so many drafts is that I can't publish 'em now, coz it has become dated. So I have decided that its high time I write about my CAT classes before it gets finished. Btw, I am writing CAT on 1st. Bless me.

No! Don't worry I am not going to write anything about quants, logical, DI or verbal here. (Thats FYI !!!). There's all gonna be, the usual, gossip here. Well, what else could you expect. Anyways, I'll start off with RS. She is a kind a person you could technically define as a nerd. A book worm. I don't think there's any book I know that she hasn't read. Right from Asterix and Obelix to the Shakespears'. She has read it all. Plus she's a genius. The only problem with her is that we students are totally out of her league. And we don't understand what she says. Btw, she did her high school graduation from a school in Chennai which has an Ex-Alumini A.R. Rahman. Can you believe it??? ARR??? Now I wish Vishnu become a BIG filmmaker soon (I totally respect his other interests, but I have a feeling that he would make one hell of a filmmaker), so that I can boast to the world that "We studied in the same class", "We used to go to tuitions together". Phew.

Next comes our own RP. Now this guy, surprise surprise, is a genius too. ;) If he hadn't been my tutor, I would have certainly missed him in the crowd. Slim, tall with a rabbit teeth and importantly unimpressive dressing. That old worn-out jeans of his itself has a story to tell. He washed the jeans for the first time 6 months after buying it only because he was compelled to do it after it was soaked in dirt after lushy rains. Poor jeans.Even I wash my jeans atleast once in a month. He's a pass-out of some notorious Govt. Arts College in TVM. The college which is reigned by SFI, have certain unwritten rules and regulations formed by the student party members. Only SFI members can rag juniors and can also have affairs. And since beautiful girls are less in the campus, there's always fight over 'em. And RP(who also belongs to SFI) played it safe and had an affair with a girl who, he says, is not so beautiful. How does she even survive this guy? And anything on RP would go unfinished without saying about his CAT extravaganza. He's a third timer. Can you believe it, he refused to join an IIM last time only because it wasn't IIM-A or B. Man! I never knew people like these ever existed. Its like giving up CCD chocolate cake for nothing.

And now onto the students. you really understand my problem in naming people na. so please bear me. And I just don't think its good to write their actual names for my health too, since I'll be only gossiping about 'em. So there is a guy V, who outshines everyone in the class with his PJs. Here's one when he's at his best. Our mentor is taking a test for us and we all trying to convince her not to take one and suggesting some whacky alternative solutions. She says."wow! you're brilliant students". V,"No ma'am, we are T.I.M.E. students!!!"
And as always, there needs to be a scapegoat for V. Sometimes its SJ and sometimes its SD. SD once had gone to participate in a rally on Ganesh Chaturthi. And everytime we used to hear some announcements down the road, he was never spared. As for SJ, he is a mechanical engineer, still in making(he's supposedly a 2009 pass-out). Even, he laughs at himself that "even if he gets good CAT score, he won't make it to a b-school because of his innumerable arrears".

Ok! I am now out of syllables, so I guess I have to stop.

P.S. :- The following caused a laugh riot in my house. We were seeing a music show in a malayalam channel. There was a guy who was singing Surmai Akhiyon Mein (God! I love that song!) in his pathetic hindi accent. So much so that he malayalified so many phrases. Well I opine that those who aren't sure of their hindi accent should stop singing hindi songs. Ok, anyways, when the judges started analysing the song, one lady in the panel said that he should improve his diction and probably should learn the song's lyrics more perfectly. And I was thinking "so right, it is". And then she also said that it would have been better if he had sung the tamil version. And when she started singing the tamil version , she was making so many lyrical mistakes herself that I thought I would rather give the guy a thumbs up than to this judge.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Its one whole year.... and I'm all happy

Nov. 6, 2008 :
As any other day, I am sitting in one of the invisible corners of the ODC. Chatting with Pattar as usual. We 3, Ammini, Blore and me, were allocated 3 different systems. We are done with the trimurthi mail of the day. Phase 2 of the internal project had started and it was the demo time. Which meant a whole lot of free time for the new project mates. Ammini was with Oku and Blore googling. It was only a few days before, I came to know that blogger can be opened in the office. I had started scribbling on my previous blog. "But I need a new one. A fresh start, so to say". I told Pattar.
Even the name of the new blog should be different. Something that conveys about me.
"The Desultory Mind", said Pattar.
"Hmm... thats a nice one. I think I'll give it a shot", says me.
But what to write. Not politics and Not movies. May be later on but not the first one. Introduce myself? Who the hell am I to do that? Besides, nobody is going to read it, then what is the need of an introduction. Evenmore, I have done that in my earlier blog and that's enough.
Then. I remember one thing. How much I hate Bangalore, its climate. I sneezed. Thats a good start. I can go on and on on that topic. Sigh.

The very first thoughts...

*The very first picture that comes to my mind everytime I hear Bangalore is the one in which I, Amma, Achan and bro were standing infront of the Christ College and two girls passed us. One was in mini-skirt. The other one in a red top and trousers. That is the first I saw mini-skirt live. I had been to Delhi and Chennai a lot before this but never saw someone wearing mini-skirt to college. (This happened back when I was in my 10th grade.)

*The day we reached Bangalore. We went to shop some regular stuff. At the shop, we asked, "Bhayya, dress clips hain ?". Bhayya replied, "Dress clips alle? Ithu mathiyo?"(Dress clips na? Are these enough?). We literally frowned!

* Crossing the signal infront of Forum, we noticed some guys. When we walked past them, they giggled "Kollaamketto"(Nice ones!!). It was we who used to say that dialogue when we were in Hyderabad. That reminds me, we are in Bangalore, an extended Kerala.

And hence Bangalore Times.

P.S. :- Its been one year and so many things have changed. Even my attitude towards Bangalore. I love the place because of the nostalgic memories it is associated with. I still hate the climate though.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

One month for CAT

Just 30 days more. On 1st of December, I'll be writing the actual CAT. Mind you, don't ever expect me to write here about the percentile I get. You can forget about the percentage too. My orkut profile now reads as quants takin the shit out of me, the only thing is that it's more of in a cultured manner. What else am I supposed to when the thing I thought would make my head held high is betraying me at this very moment of urgency. I am not a person who has quantophobia. Infact, it was the only subject in my 12th grade in which I got 80plus marks, which naturally makes it the percentage booster. Since I had such fabulous marks, I was sure that no Govt College would be giving me admission. Infact, I remember getting a call card of waitlist number 170 for B. A. English. Rest of my applictaions would surely have had gone into the trash. So Engineering was not an option but a rescue. Mind you, I m pretty lucky when it comes to OMR sheets. Just not lucky enough for the bank tests which I write every other weekend.

So the preps is on a full swing. Even the books I got from the institute is intact. Rather untouched. So, if any more of CAT aspirants are out there, do let me know, I can sell those books for cheap prices. I have no idea how am I going to manage to do my regular last-minute-study, when I have so many marriages to attend. Nair's on Nov 12th and Binu's on Nov 15th. She called and informed me that the marriage hall is called "Cultural centre". Remember the chukku bazaar episode? Eldhose had commented on that "avide oru chukkumilla...athukonda chukku bazaar". I wonder, if that repeats this time too with "Cultural". ;)

Speaking of Binu, I whole heartedly thank her for coming up with the idea of Madhumohan serials for my post on DD. I heard Partner really enjoyed it. A brief intro to Partner- the name is what we call each other, inspired from the hindi movie of the same name. He's a buddy from my school and college times. Good at cooking. Long time back he did give me the recipe of cutlet which I naturally forgot. Now having good time onboard. See, this is what happens with me everytime. What I was actually thinking was to post on my real Agenda for CAT. Since there is no real Agenda, I have been blabbering craps here. Anyways, I only hope CAT is just good enough atleast to keep my excitement high for the next day, Ramettan's marriage. Yeah, its happening. It's a full fledged arranged marriage. And guess what, I found out the Mr. Lover whose elopement made it to the blog in Ramettan's friends list. His profile pic has our Mrs. Lover in it. Seems like, they are happily married. All the best for all the couples mentioned here.

P.S. :- And did you hear this one. IITs are going to raise the cut offs to 80%. I wonder what I am going to do if IIMs do the same. Even if they place a 70% cut off , I won't be able to surpass it.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A few random things

These ideas have been running over my head for a very long time. But couldn't consolidate it to make a single post out of it. But I guess, I have no other go but to write about it atleast now. Otherwise, as you see, my blog along with going from bad to worse, its also becoming a stale one. It would be so unfair if I write only about movies and its reviews here. So bang on. Here it comes.

My take on mobiles:
Well, I am a proud devotee of Nokia mobiles and rarely do I think beyond it. I own an N72. You can claim it as the poor cousin of N70. Believe me, I bought it just because I wanted an N-series and the most cheapest one. So thats N72. You can only fool the fools who don't understand what N-series is. So, if anyone with N72 comes before me, I have only one word- CHEAP.
For me, N-series is a demi-god. N73 is the best of lot because its affordable too, but for the Joystick.(I don't know if that spelling is correct. Nevermind, atleast I never mispronounced it as Jockeystick as someone did ;) ). All those who own N73, for me, are INTELLIGENT. As for the rest of the series, man! you must be one hell of a RICH.
1100- You are one AMAZING person. Coz I have never ever seen such a durable yet user friendly mobile. And Nokia has stopped producing 1100, which makes me sad. You're a lucky one too.
1600- Time to change.
Music Express- You never thought about the camera, its lens and its pixels. Its better to go for Sony Ericsson rather than Nokia if you are a music freak.
Supernova- You are one hell of a rockin person. You like style.
6030- It was a classic then.
6300- Still think slim is in.
Sony Ericsson- You are a music freak?
Samsung- ARE YOU NUTS?
Motorola- Don't you think Abhishek does a better job in "Idea".
LG- Are you kidding.

Now onto Cars:
Well, one day when I have earned enough amount of money, I'll consider buying a car. But the following has been ruled out.
Maruti 800- to old. I would rather buy a scooty with that money.
Maruti Alto- A big NO! Coz every other car in Palakkad is an Alto.
Tata Indica- Its a taxi !!
WagonR- I feel there's a lot of similarity in WagonR and Omni. I wouldn't buy either of 'em.
Now you get feeling that, she is blurting all these things as if she has all the money in the world. I'm just saying this how I feel about cars. Its not big mouth, but a small part of it. Chevrolet Spark is a good option, I guess, also considering the fact that they now don't charge for maintenance upto 3 years. (Well the trivia about machines is they start malfunctioning after they cross the warranty period. Now, what the hey, its gonna be the same with cars too).

So, what will I do when I have loads of money. The only chance I see myself having a huge amount is a lucky draw. Coming back. There's only one car I wanna buy when I get a huge amount of money. SCORPIO. Isn't it the manliest of all? I don't know why SX4 has the tagline Men are back, when it actually suites Scorpio. Yeah, but the Nothing else will do is also a fine tag line.

This is best part. Coz, I really love sweets. But as for chocolates, the ordinary toffees are a big No-No. Long time back, I used to like Lacto King and Coffee bite. But these days, I love MUNCH. It started off as a routine in our College. You get your friend's assignment, drawing or rough record done, you get to munch Munch. And then now its become a sort of habbit. Everytime I buy a Munch for Chinnu (my niece), I get another one for myself. I hardly can resist it. Diarymilk and Milkybar are also fine. But I hate the idea of eating Fivestar or BarOne. It sticks to your teeth. Eeks.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cinema Paradiso

Needless to say, movies are my only rescue these days. When I get back home tired after writing some heck mock CAT, Rosebowl shows up with their matinee movie which they have put in the category "Sweethearts". And then I see While You Were Sleeping, Sweet Home Alabama, You've Got Mail for the umpteenth time. But I can't resist seeing 'em. Romantic-Comedy is my usual genre. By the way, I found one thing. That Hollywood filmmakers have always been in love with Cinderella. They have adapted the story in many shapes and sizes. Like, there is one geek girl, who prefers to be invisble. She has a love interest who happens to be the boyfriend of the most popular girl of the school. And then when Prom Night comes, she wears this holy beautiful gown and impresses the hero. Then there is some bitching by the Villi. But the story ends well. The hero and the heroine live happily ever after. So how many movies have you seen of this type? Ask me- its innumerable. But the funny thing is I still enjoy these movies. Particularly when it comes to the school stories, they are so colorful which forces me to sit down and watch each one of these movies.

But occassionaly I do see other kind of movies. Which are of not my type, generally those slower ones. AM was the one who used to see such movies. UTV movies being her favorite channel. Because of her, me and Lallu used to see Japanese and Chinese movies which had no stunt sequences. Before that, my perception about the movies from those regions were that only Jackie Chan and Jet Lee made movies there. The other day, I saw Cinema Paradiso which I saw just because a friend of mine suggested it. Thanks to my internet connection, it took more than a month to download it. And after all the effort, I was glad that I saw the movie. For me, it wasn't anything related to inspirational or motivational. And me being ignorant of the world cinema, I couldn't even get, what to say, the development of cinema during and after the world war which was showcased in it. But for me, it was as if I were reading a pleasant book. The memories of the childhood, the childhood hero, the fantasies we have at that time, the blunders at school, the first love etc. You say it, and it was there in the movie. The knowledge that someone is there with you in whatever you do and whatever you achieve is a great relief. It doesn't burden you but it strengthens you, to do more.

Two scenes of the movie which made my mouth wide open with awe were 1. the scene in which Alfredo allow the crowd outside the theatre to watch the movie by turning the projection and the young Toto is mused to see it. 2. the last scene in which Toto sees the series of kissing scenes which were earlier manually edited by Alfredo upon the Priests' order, Alfredo had left Toto with this film after his death. When I saw this scene, I was totally relieved. Alfredo was earlier was being accused to have made Toto loose his first and only love. But leaving behind the film, meant that he had always cared for Toto and also believed in his capabilities as a film maker. How nice it is when you have a person who believes in you more you do in yourself. These were a few things I enjoyed in the movie.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And then finally it happened..........I'm engaged

This is the biggest update of all times. I am engaged !!! Can't believe it? Me too. So it finally happened. I am betrothed to, going by my style of writing, a guy with no moustache and no beard. ;) Well, I have always liked it like that only.This might well mark the end of my t-intrvw posts. I would call it an "era" of my blog. So now onwards what am I going to write here?? :( I have to figure it soon, I guess.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Loving Palakkad

So these days I have been in a total nostalgic mood. It kicked off with DD celebrating its 50 years and since I have been always excited with TV and related things all my life, it turned out to be a bigger occasion to remember things in the past. And even the TRIO is back. Me, TS and AKC grew up together and have played all the games that existed at that time for small girls. Inky Pinky Ponky.., Icecream soda ... to playing Amma Achan Kutty.... we've been there, we've done that, we see right through your funky hat. Oooopps.. that just came in a flow. Anyways, AKC is now married and earlier during my college days, her family had shifted to their hometown. Actually I had never seen her after they shifted and wasn't even able to attend her marriage. But now she's back. She has now joined TS's office which is quite near to my CAT coaching classes. Now you won't blame me for being so nostalgic.

Palakkad is famous for its halwa, banana chips, typical Palakkadan wind, the beauty of the places like Neliyampathy, Silent Valley, Malampuzha and Attapaadi, its Railways and finally for its origin, rather its entry to Kerala. Palakkad, it is said that, was originally a part of TamilNadu and it was exchanged to Kerala for Kanyakumari. Apparently, there are people who mourn over the exchange treaty which happened some 50 years back and even after Palakkad became the rice bowl of Kerala. I am sure there are many from other parts of Kerala who believe that Palakkad is full of Tamilians. Sometimes, I too wish if Palakkad were a part of TN atleast we wouldn't have lost the Salem Division from Palakkad Railway Division. I am not a person who admire politicians because they never have been worth it. And to find one uncorrupt politician would be MI. But one thing I admire about the politicians of TN is their "State"smanship. No matter which party rules in the centre or the state, when it comes to a budget (be it the annual union budget or the railway budget) TN always have the biggest share. The MPs see to it that more trains and funds are allocated to the state. Kerala MPs, on the other hand, do an annual ritual going-to-the-centre-with-10-requests. I can assure you that you could find the paper in the dustbin in the next moment itself.

Even in the case of Salem Division, even a layman of Railway Colony had known that the Division is going to divided all the while. But the politicians pretended to have never known it. And when the time of division came, all the parties conducted dharnas and public speeches and demanded for a discussion. The office of the new Division was being built even when the talks were going on. As if they had always known what was going to happen.

And after having lived in Railway Colony for almost 2 decades, even the thought of having to leave this place to move to my hometown is haunting me. I was 3 when I came here. It was after coming here that I got into the Kindergarten. Railway Colony has basically 3 "Big" schools. While I went to KV, TS went to St. Thomas and AKS went to Railway school. The advantage of being in different schools was that we could attend the major events of all the three schools with each others' "pass". And the disadvantage was that I being in KV had odd vacation timings. In April when all others were playing, I had classes and in June when it rained and all others used to go to school, I had my vacation. Even for Onam, we had just 2 days leave and the others never had Pooja holidays when 10 days were rewarded to us. :(

Railway Colony is actually synonymous with Vignesh buses. This Vignesh travels owns as much as 5 to 6 buses and is pretty much the uncrowned prince of the Railway Colony transport. Achan still tease me over "Vignesh" because I used to pronounce it as "Vijnesh". That was long back when I had just started learning English. Anyways, I admire Vignesh bus because 1. it has great looks 2. its fashion sense. Believe me, there are buses in Palakkad which look as if they have landed from one of those fantasy cartoon worlds. Flourescent yellow, flourescent ! As for Vignesh, they have very royal look with colors ranging in between green and blue. And another reason I like it is that their conductors give the 50ps back and which makes my day. (The fare to Palakkad town is 4.50 but most of the time, we don't get the 50 ps back from the conductors if we give them Rs 5). But there is one conductor whom I hate from head to toe not just because he doesnt return the 50ps, but also because he is a mouthlooker. Sometimes you feel like he hasn't seen girls for ages and sometimes you can see the extra effort he's putting in to "shine". Leaving that. I think Railway Colony buses can still claim to be humane buses. Almost all the other buses' conductors won't even allow students to sit even if there are no full-charge-adults at all. Just because they pay Conession ticket? Its cruel.

Anyways, I think its been a long post. Time to wind up. But there are more memories to share. Will do that in later posts.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

50 Glorious Years For Doordarshan

So when was the last time you tuned to DD. Don't remember? Me too. But that's apart from the fact that I always try to catch up with Rangoli every sunday eventhough I really hate the anchor of the show. But when I came to know that it's been 50 long years for DD, I thought I should pay tribute to the network I grew up with.

So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Doordarshan? I did a little sort-of-"survey" on this question among my friends. Interestingly, they came up with things that I hadn't thought of when I was preparing a list of the probable answers from their side. Here goes the result:

1. There is a tie for the No.1 spot between Chitrahaar and News for Hearing Impaired. Eventhough I had expected Chitrahaar, News for Hearing Impaired was a surprise. Even Amma gave the same answers.
2. Next is Surabhi. As Pattar would say, how can you ever forget the beautiful Renuka? But everytime I used to watch Surabhi, I would be so sad because it reminded that the next day you had to go to school.
3. Now, this is interesting. The rainbow colored screensaver when there was any interruption. And also Rangoli. I really didn't expect Rangoli to come down to the third spot.
4. Chandrakanta. Remember that show which was the first of that kind in the television history.
5. I am putting rest of the answers in the fifth spot. Pattar remembers Turning Point with Girish Karnad and Prof Yash Pal. Sree remembers Srikrishna. Musically talented Obamamol remembers the music that comes before the news begins and also Miley Sur Mera Tumhara. Apparently Miley Sur was one of my favorites in the survey. Binu as always had some more interesting answers. Ek Se Badhkar Ek and also Madhumohan serials(?). As for Appimol , it was Sanskrit news and Reporter. Tuttudu also remembers Byomkesh Bakshi while Colonel can't forget the friday night blockbuster movie and the President's address to the nation.

Phew :) One of the famous joke on Madhumohan serials was that the late Veerappan couldn't get a bigger punishment than he being tortured to watch Madhumohan serials continously. I still haven't been able to solve the mystery why all the mummys would watch his serials. But I found one interesting fact about the serials. Madhumohan used to have only 3-4 lungis which he used put in 3 different serials.

It was in 1992 when we got a chance to actually own a TV, a black and white one. I remember the year because it was the Olympics time (Atlanta?) and me, brother, Amma and Achan would lie down on the floor watching Olympics every night. Then DD was the only channel available. I also remember constantly going upto the terrace to adjust the antenna direction so that the "picture becomes clear"( the engineer in me says to write it as "to recieve the signals properly"). So does LJ. Even before we got DD Malayalam, then called as DD4, we used to get the tamil channel along with DD1, the hindi channel. Now you know why I have soft corner for Tamil. Since I never had formal education of both the languages Malayalam and Tamil, I learnt both through TV and newspapers only.

I used to sit through the educational program in the morning, mostly when I'm compelled to do so. Remember Tarang? The program which used to telecasted on our summer vacation. Those puppet shows and the serial of "a very angry girl" and of those 5 friends. I used to eagerly wait for that. Surabhi, Tehkikat, Alif Laila, News and Fri-Sat night movies were a sort of family ritual. If I remember correctly, Doordarshan station used to close down after the 10pm News in English. That tick of ten was my time to sleep. And I could never see the films of Friday and Saturday because of this. The first movie I saw completely was "Love in Tokyo" and the song Sayonara... was a total hit among us. Remember the Vicco Turmeric advertisement? It used to be played during the second break of the films. And when Tezaab was telecasted, it took almost 5 hours to finish. So much was the no. of ads. And how can anyone forget "Roja" which used to be telecasted on every of the Independence and Republic days. I really liked Oshin, particularly when they had the dining scene. I used to be totally amused when they eat rice with chopsticks and also awe at the kimonos they wear. And Discovery of India/ Bharat ek khoj, I never used to understand it. The concert for national integrity which used to be telecasted in the sunday afternoons always put me to sleep. And the panorama movies. Haven't we seen movies of almost all the languages in India, that too without subtitles?

And then there was this era of mythological serials. Srikrishna, Om Namah Sivaya and Jai Hanuman were being played simultaneously. Byomkesh Bakshi and Tehkikaat paved way for Suraag. Shanti was Amma's favorite serial when it was being dubbed in Tamil. I remember how I used to rush from my school just to watch Swaabhimaan. I had the duty of narrating the episodes to my friends who used reach their homes late. And then School Days came. I still remember when I cried for a character in the serial who had a hole in his heart. Some really tried to copycat School Days but hard luck, they didn't fair well. By the end of my 10th grade we had switched over to cable. After that lured by the "satellite channel" programs, we started slowing down on our DD viewership. Still we retained our Rangoli, News and also Kashmirnama in our show-watching-list. So was my journey with Doordarshan which is quite similar to all of you. I was completely transported to my childhood days while writing this. Hope you too have the same feel.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lend your ears to this couch potato...oh I'm sorry your eyes

You can't really blame me for being a couch potato, when I'm, literarly, sitting idle at home. But if you ask Amma, she would probably say that I was born to see TV. So would Achan. In fact, he has his usual dialogue " Her teachers say that CAT aspirants should take rest for atleast 2 hrs after classes and then start studying, but she seems to have taken it more seriously, taking rest till 10 pm by watching TV". And I nod my head in silence. I must say, it's really difficult to reach my father's expectations. Since I know I'm never gonna make it, I really don't care for his accusations. Anyways, I love to watch TV. And I can't live without it. Since the list of shows that I watch seems to be too big for the post, I will restrict myself to those what I call as "Essentials".

The very first category of my fav shows belongs to those shows which if you haven't seen , I have got only one question for you "Why do you have cable?".Watch these to see what you mean by entertainment. Boogie Woogie. Watch it for Ravi, Naved and Javed's sade hue jokes and also to see the zenith platform for dancers and dance groups. Next F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. This sitcom which had stopped telecasting with the season finale some 5 years back, still is being shown in different countries. So much is the popularity, only next to Seinfield. 6 friends, 2 apartments and thats all you need for a big entertainment.

The second set of shows is the one which you wouldn't wanna miss. The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Everybody loves Raymond, Mind Your Language gets included here. Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly place and Suite life of Zack and Cody....they say I'm too old for these shows, but who wouldn't like some real humour even if it means to watch kid's shows. Over to Hindi. If you've seen Office Office and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, you would have seen that humour can be more than just slapstick. Oh yeah, long back it was in ISS forum that I got a friend suggesting me about Comedy Circus. Since then, I have been an ardent viewer of that show. There has been a Darwin's evolution as far the show's name is concerned. From Comedy Circus to Chinchpokli to China and now finally to Dekh India Dekh. Watch it, laughter assured. And then there is The Week That Wasn't with Cyrus Broacha. Watch the show if you can't make sense out of the actual "news". The show is sense made nonsense. By now, you might be thinking if she ever watches shows or serials which are not of the genre comedy. Of course. I like to watch Roadies, which is the biggest of the reality shows of the Indian television and the most sensible one. And also CSI: NY, Numbers.

As far as Malayalam and Tamil are concerned, as you know these channels are reigned by the daily soaps and I hate it more than anything. But Srikandan Nair's Nammal Thammil is an all-time favourite. And in tamil, I like the show Little Masters and Raagamaalika of the Jaya TV and also Kalakka Povathu Yaaru of Vijay TV, which made the phrase "Saroja Samaan Nikaalo" famous.

So if you ever come across these shows, sit back and watch it and you'll know what I mean. After all these, if you ever thought that about me getting time for other things (for ex:- studying), you would realise that what Amma and Achan said was true. ;)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A kalyana sadhya

Tuttu's amd Soumi's marriage was really an awesome affair. God bless them. Besides the obvious reasons that they looked fab and the sadhya (feast) was mouth watery, it was amazing because we got to see those friends whom we hadn't seen in , like, ages. When RM said we never saw each other in Bangalore, I had to sarcastically ask, "where you also in B'lore?". Seems like we were helluva busy in B'lore. As for the classmates, Poo, Colonel, Ayyappan, RM, Prasi and Pandi had come. A bigger bunch had come from our company. Ramettan , Lallu, AC, Dans, Pachalam and so on. Pardon me here for that so on coz I can't handle the pain of nicknaming everyone. (Its high time I undergo a training from Ammini.)

So, when we friends meet, the first thing you will notice is that, there have been hundreds of rumours about you and some of them can be really weird and now that you've met you've to clear them all. My all-time favorite rumour about me is that I had enrolled myself for Mechanical Engineering course! (Totally weird.) That was 6 years and -8 kilos ago and when Mech meant boys (it still means the same). A Mech trivia- the girl in the Mech department is named as MechRani regardless of the colleges we are studying. It's the same everywhere. But this time it was like "I'm going to Dubai". For what??? Man, you really can't take it seriously when someone says I am really desperate for a job even if it means to go to Dubai. And what if I had said Uganda instead of Dubai. Speaking of Dubai, I must mention this. Two of my collegemates are working there and visit their hometowns as much as 4 or 5 times a year quite contrary to the common belief that Gulfites visit their hometown once in so many years.

Marking my attendance at both my collegemates gang and my officemates gang was a tedious task. I was literarly oscillating between both ends. So much so that when I went to the stage, for the photo session, for the second time with my officemates, Tuttu exclaimed "Again?". Both me and Colonel had to give sadhya a miss (actually twice) because we were both busy with the other gang when the first one went for sadhya. So atlast when me, Colonel, Ramettan and AC went for food somebody said that rice has finished. All I could think then was man, I can't stand hunger and that too when everybody is saying that the sadhya was delicious. But thankfully, we did get food. In the banquet hall, AC and Ramettan were sitting on my either sides. When the payasam was being served, I compassionately told them that I don't like payasam, so, one of you could have it. Unlike the usual days, they didn't even fight for my cup of payasam. They took half each. But when the boy serving payasam came again, he saw my cup empty and the guy's cups full. He asked me if I want more. I nodded since I had clear instructions. When this boy came to serve the payasam, he passed on a look which meant "the guys with you dont eat as much you". That was it, I said to myself. I won't ever go to eat with these guys anymore. I have a rep to protect, people!

In the evening reception party also Tuttu and Soumi were looking great. Tuttu with a black suit and Soumi with a curly hairdo.But there was something wrong with me and food that day. Even when everybody were praising the desert, I couldn't have a scoup of the icecream because of my throat problem. God, Why me?? :) Anyways, there is nothing more than getting together with good old friends. And I enjoyed. And it was the first time ever I, not accompanied by my parents, reached home so late. 8 pm to be precise. The only dialogue that is coming to mind now is "Akele ladki khuli hui tijori ki tarah hai". True. Particularly when you're in God's own country and you're among the so-called-cultured people.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

6 things you will hate about me

First things first. Today is Michael Jackson's birthday. And I am a huge fan of his. All through the day, I was watching his videos and news on him. There was this one show on SS Music, Catalogue, which gave an overview of MJ's life. I liked it for one reason, this is the way you should pay tribute to a person who has been trying to entertain you from a little age of 5. Not by pondering over the controversies alone.

Ok. Before I write about the 6 things, let me give out the title credits. There is a cute movie, a school love story called "10 things I hate about you" which I like very much. In particular there is a scene in which the hero is chased by the security guards for singing a song for the heroine. And I also love a song of Miley Cyrus called 7 things. In that she says, "And 7th thing that I hate most that you do, you make me love you...". Quite romantic! But this "6 things" doesn't have anything to do with this movie or the song. These will make you ( particularly, my mallu friends ) realise I am nuts and probably you shouldn't bother about me.

1. I am a huge fan of Rajnikant. So much to the extend that I cry when I see him crying on-screen.
2. I hate most of the Mohanlal flicks of 80s and 90s that are claimed to be era in itself. Like Chitram, Kilukkam etc.
3. I can commit suicide if I have to hear one more line of the songs from the above listed movies and also "Akasha Thamara" from the movie Ayaal Kadha Ezhuthukayaanu. By the way, I hate that movie too.
4. I call Mamootty, Suresh Gopi and Mohanlal sack bags. I have no discrimination here.
5. I prefer to watch a tamil movie any day.
6. Moving out of the movies. I don't like my really-long hair. If I had my say, I would have just maintained half of what I have now.

I will be continuing this quest, atleast till I find a roundable figure and also things which are not related to movies. Long back, I had read a very humourous article or rather a short story about a girl having a t-interview with an NRI. And this NRI didn't seem to know who Mohanlal and Mamootty are. And she had written, if you don't know them you don't have the right to call yourself a Malayali. Its true. Well in my case, I know them but its just that I hate them. Oldies, please give way to newcomers. We have seen enough of you.

Some updates...

Its seems like ages have passed since I blogged something. The reasons for writing nothing all these days are various. I neither had the "mood" or the "stuff" to write. I have been completely occupied by my new venture for this season- CAT. So the preparation is going in an all-time-high swing. But I am still doubtful of my capability to crack the test. Anyways, so the thing that makes me busy all day is the coaching classes that I attend. It just doesn't stop there. It makes me awake even at midnight. Oh...don't get into the idea that I have become a hardworking girl. Its just that me being a lazy bump, always end up getting a mock-test slot at 12pm or so. And thats how I ended up writing this post at 2.30 am.

Besides CAT, I have started tweeting too. But I really don't have any idea what to write there since I almost write all my updates in Facebook. And believe me, I don't really like the idea of copy-pasting the things I wrote in Orkut to Facebook to Twitter. If one day I bang my head to find two different contents for my facebook and twitter, what will I do for the next day. Logically, I can get drained off my creativity na? Lol...

So, onto some updates on my friends. Binu has got engaged to a guy with a french beard. By the way, she belongs to a place named "Chukku Bazaar". But we found neither chukku (dry ginger, i guess) nor a bazaar there. Infact, we were amused when the auto driver showing a small turning told us that it was chukku bazaar. :) And I got a more news on marriages and engagements. Ammini got married last month. Unfortunately, I couldn't attend the ceremony because of a PSC test. Tuttumon is getting married to Soumi (God, I need to learn the trick of naming someone badly) this sunday. Since both are my classmates, I am expecting a small gettogether of sort there. And Aanakutty is also getting engaged to Kodasa. Speaking of Kodasa, I wish I still have the copies of TEEE, a newsletter of our class in our college which mocked everyone. It is through one such edition of TEEE that I came to know of the existence of the malayalam word Kodasa, which means tummy. And they had also claimed that the word has a Palakkadan origin. Really?

Besides marriages, many friends have got new jobs. Good luck guys. And some like me, Blore and PP are trying to go for higher studies. Taking a respite. From job, I say. But we have still got out of the hangover. Albums in orkut are still being flooded with old snaps. By the way, talking of the snaps, do you know the one thing MJ is so afraid of. (For those who don't remember, this is not the real Michael I am talking about, but MJ of our company....Read the post on theft). A: Putting his pictures in orkut. Duh Huh.... May be he is afraid of somebody morphing his pic and making a porn!!!

Okay. Thats it for now. I think I have some stuff for a new post. So see you with that soon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love Letters

I know its a dated topic but I just want to revive the topic which taught me that even I can write. Nope, wrong guess. I haven't written a love letter in my lifetime. Nor did I get one. :-( Phew. But this was about the love letters I have seen and heard about. Once I had read in a magazine that some of the famous Malayalam writers, in their college days, were love-letter-writing-experts. They would constantly be approached by their friends to write letters to their lovers. Wow ! This must have been the case with almost all writers in the world. Right? And I assume that's how they got such good language, particularly when it comes to praising woman and her beauty. And I can also safely assume that girls being less of the romantic creatures, would reply to those letters with a smile(perhaps, sandals too).

But one Dheedhi I know, really took me by surprise, whom I had never had the opportunity to meet. The love interest of this Dheedhi happens to be a Bhayya in our own colony. Bhayya, who studied in my school itself, was really fun to be with. How much I had wished for him to be my real brother. This wish had gone to the extent of writing a note about him in my notebook and this little note was really liked by some of my schoolmates. But that was the past. Now, I am content with my own brother who is sweet and damn caring. Anyways, we all small kids had full rights to peek into Bhayya's house and his room also. Once when I and a friend of mine were there in his room, we happened to accidently to see this letter.Hey, the letter was kept was on his table and anyone who passed by could read it. Don't blame us. Its just a little curiosity plus a little anxiety. The letter was in Malayalam and it was a poetic too. And hence don't blame me if you find the translation of the excerpts of the letter weird and non-poetic. You do know that I am pathetic at Malayalam.
Anyways, some of the lines sounded very similar to....
I was a bird caged by my parents,
And you are the angel who opened the cage,
who let me fly high,
who let me know the world around me,

Its been almost 7 to 8 years after this incident happened. Must not you commend on my memory. (How much I wish to have such a memory when it came to studies). Yeah, for those who still think that we did a brutal violation of someone's privacy, let me tell you, that Bhayya later showed us "their" photographs. He then pointed towards a bundle of papers which he explained to be love letters from our Dheedhi. And then we were like Oh-Yeah!-We-Have-Read-It. Anyways, their love story went on very smoothly. And now they are waiting to getting married. Good Luck Guys !!!

Story 2:-

And yeah, this is also another violation of someone's privacy. But then how do you suppose me to write about love letters. I, the one who never wrote one and recieved one. Am I making it too obvious? That I have been desperate to get one? Ah, whatever! I actually don't have the time for such silly things. Ok ! So coming back to the point. This is not about any letter. This is about a diary. Yep! that little black book where you pen down everything at the end of the day. And our hero here, is a distant cousin. I have always looked upon him as a maestro and used to listen to his stories (with this girl, with that girl etc.) with my mouth wide open. Once when he visited us, he was carrying this diary with him. And he forgot to take the book back when he left. When we called him to say that he forgot his diary, he told that he will come and collect it later. And everytime I saw that book on our study table, it was as if there was some magnetic force in the book which tried to pull me towards it. And when this force reached its peak, I took the diary and opened it. To my utter disappointment, only few pages had been written on. I was about to put the book back, when I saw this sentence in one page "Njan avale kandu(I saw her)". I rolled my eyes open. Is it for real? Am I getting a scoop? The entire story stretched only for 3 pages and with very few lines in each page. But it meant a lot more eventhough it wasn't written.

First day.... "I went to my friend, X's house today. I saw her there. She lives next door"
Second day..."I went to that place again. I saw her. We talked. We decided to meet at another place"
And the next entry was there in a page within a week.
"We met today. We talked about our past. And then she gave me a gift. A hot one. (Pinne enikoru oru choodulla sammanam kitti)"

And I am not that stupid to assume that the gift he got was Pakoda or Samosa. And when I told him that I read the diary and all those pages, he just laughed it off. Since, I don't have a real contact with this cousin now, I really don't know what happened after this incident. Did he continue it or he switched to another girl? A lot questions are still unanswered.

So this was it. This was what I had written earlier in my orkut days. I think the habit of making everyone read what I wrote started around this time. I had compelled all my friends to read this one in my "About me". Some things never change.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Must reads and some thank-yous

I am not sure why it happens everytime. This starting trouble. Everytime when I start a new post, I have this difficulty in how to start the post. Many a times, I come up with so much irrelevant things to cover up my starting trouble. And only if you could sit with me while I am typing, would you understand how much I have typed-and-retyped this first portion of my post. I am a firm believer of "Practice makes perfect" and hope someday I would write like Pattar or Sid. To the point. But more than anything else, I would love to have Obamamol's head. I have already told you about her creativity, her innovation in spinning stories from a simple and irrelevant incident. You could read that and more over here. You must read her poem also, that she wrote while we were all attending a session on DotNet 3.5. It was a desparate move to get rid of the boredom in the class. Actually, you won't find anything related to software interesting when it is being taught. And poem reminds me, a few days back I saw this movie of Drew Barrymoore, Never Been Kissed, and in that, the word "Poem" was pronounced as if it were "Pome". Is it the actual way of pronouncing it ? or is it just another American accent, which we usually dont care. The only thing I adapted from the American English is the usage of 's' instead of 'z' in words like civilis(z)ation. That was one correction I was totally used to at school, since we are asked to follow the British English.

Anyways this discussion of accent isn't going anywhere. So, what I intend to do here is to have a thanks giving post. A post dedicated to all my friends, who are the air and soul of my blog. First the title credits. Its Pattar who suggested me the title of the blog. Then, I wasn't even aware that such a word existed (As if I know everything now). But it suites. If I had been at any point of my life a little focussed, I would have reached somewhere. Next to Ammini, Obamamol for naming us, hostelmates. If not for these names, I couldn't have written a word about them. The only problem was the frequency with which we were being renamed. I couldn't cope up with this, so i sticked to the names in my first post. Ammini, Blore and me were the one who started with the Trimurthy mails. Those mails are a real inspiration for this blog. Obamamol. I need her brains, man.

Thanks. Blore for her rendezvous with RB which made it to my blog. One info that I haven't ever shared about her is that Blore is a walking and talking film encyclopedia.And if you are playing dumsharat with her, better be in her team. Koratty for her wit. You can expect her step to fame "Laigayude kathakaari" in this space soon. Aanakutty and Appimol for giving me the idea to write about us in my blog which would otherwise have been so stale. Tudy for her special fun moments. For Tudy's manjurani and reetha episode, please do read Obamamol's blog. AN, Donimol, Binu, Sharath and Tuttudu for being my victims. And Sharath, sorry. For writing your real name. I am not an expert at naming you know. Or rather, you can take this as a credit da, the only person to have been referred with his real name my blog. AM, Lallu, Ramettan, Colonel also. For giving memories of a lifetime. I also thank others like our thief, SS and RB who had made active contribution to my blog eventhough they are unaware of this. And they better be. For more than 1 reason.

There aren't enough words to thank you guys for making my life so eventful and special. Anyways, I will miss you all guys.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Another T-Interview

When I told a friend of mine that I might have one more post on T-inrtvw, he screamed "Not Again". But still that wouldn't discourage me from writing this coz it has to be written. Its not everyday that you get to see a person who is completely unacceptable to you but still find that he likes you. Thanks to Blore, I have this wonderful pic of mine which is the profile pic in my matrimonial account. And I have been recieving a lot of inetersts lately because of that. I had always thought that I look awful in photos (as if I look great in person), but this pic has changed my perception. When you have the right person behind the camera, you can look great.

Ok, coming back to the point, one evening at around 8 pm I recieved a call from a guy who introduced himself as SS (I cant believe that its sheer coincidence to find that most of alliances that come for me have the guy's name starting with S). So, he told me that he had seen my profile and was interested in it. I asked him how come he got my number since the phone numbers are not displayed in my profile. He said that he had a friend whose another friend works in my company who got him my number. I assumed that he might have "expressed interest" long ago and since I was not a regular user of this portal, after finding no response from me, he thought of calling me. I told him that I will look his profile and reply him back. I did explain him that I dont access to the portal everyday and that he might have wait atleast till the weekend. And so I thought its over.

But not yet baby, he called me the next morning. When I repeated again about not having access to the site, he told me to send him my office id, so that he could send his details. I really didn't know what to say. I said ok and cut the call. After that I tried not to attend his call or reply to his messages. So as obedient daughter, I retelecasted the whole episode to my parents through phone. After a week, I again got a call from SS. This time it was from a landline number so that I won't recognise him and cut the call(Great Thinking!). Eventhough I was totally pissed off by his calls and messages, I didn't have the courage to say a direct No. So I told him that I was going home that weekend, would convey this to my parents and then let him know. Little did I realise that this was the turning point of this entire episode. When I reached my home, I was asked to search for his profile and show it to amma and achan. I told them that I didn't like him. But after coming back to Bangalore, I don't know how things changed back in my home, I got a call from amma asking for SS's number. I asked them if I don't like him, why should they talk to him. But they had some excuse that since both of us are in Bangalore, it would be easy for us to go to office and all. Wow, Now that is some reason to get married. Finally I had to give them his number. They then talked to SS and asked for his parents number. My parents talked to his parents also. But the only thing they said was that we (me and SS) should decide about going further.

So I was called by SS to fix a T-interview. I think writing the conversation would animate my post.
SS: So when shall we meet?
Me: Saturday perphaps, since I will be going home on Sunday.
SS : Oh NO, Saturday is not a good day.
Me: (What???) so may be next week
SS: No, its too long , can't we meet before that.
Me: Ok then thursday is a holiday for us since it is elections here.
SS: No, its also too long.
Me: Then I don't know.
SS: Sunday.
Me: I told you na that I going home in the evening and that I have booked tickets for a film in the morning, at 11.
SS: We can meet before that. May be at 9 am.
Me: (duh huh) ok. so where?
SS: There is an Ayyappa temple in Madiwala. Can we meet there?
Me: No its too far for me, May be forum.
SS: No, is there any temple in Tavarekere?
Me: (What!!!!!!!!) yeah there is an Ayyappa Temple there also.
SS: I will come in Auto there. So tom 9 am.
Me: (Okayyyyyyy) Ok.

What the hell man. I still couldn't believe I had to meet a guy who is Superstitious plus an Ambalavaasi. No I can't handle this one. But still I had to face it. So on the D- day, I got ready, as always, a little late. He called me to tell that the pooja is going on, and that I needn't hurry. Was I meeting the same guy who I hated so much from the beginnig? But I came back to my previous conclusion when I got a second call from him, while I was about to reach the temple.
SS: Where are you?
Me: I will reach the temple within a min.
SS: I am inside the temple, come there.
Me: No, I can't.
SS: Why?
Me: (Duhhhhh)I don't go to temples.
SS: Why?
Me: I don't go to temples. (I was quite pissed off by then)
SS: Okay.
Me: Please come outside, I will be there.
SS: Okay.

When he came outside, he again asked me why I don't to go temples. I told him that I am a communist. Guys, Please be careful while you ask girls to go to temples, the reason of she refusing it may not be always that she is a communist.
SS: Are you the only one like this in your family? Or are everyone communist?
Me: Its just me like this.
SS: Oh!!!
Just then a few girls came out of the temple.
SS: (Pointing to the girls) Look, they are all praying.
Me: (Now do you really think that's gonna change me!)
And I had this sarcastic smile on my face through the entire conversation. Well much of the conversation we had was the usual stuff, like knowing each others whereabouts and about the families. But the difference was that it was in "Art Film"mode. I was asking a question, he would answer it. And then there is silence. Meanwhile, I had started counting the no. of cars + bikes + autos passing us. He told me that he has rented a house and is living on his own. And the reason he gave for living alone in a city almost 20 hrs from Trivandrum, his hometown, was the shocker no.1. He was not getting "Peace" when he is staying with friends. Oh really! so you are not a social animal. I hadn't realised that Trivandrum is not anyway near to Palakkad and that reaching there from Bangalore is not as easy. But I still asked him how often he goes to his home. Here comes the shocker no.2. "I go only once in six months. How can I go home. I have to leave this house here alone. And here I have grown some plants too". PLANTS???. SO you don't wanna meet your parents and siblings because of your plants.

And the last thing I wanted to hear from was that he is not the ordinary guy I am looking for. He is a guy who prefers to commute in autos only unlike me who prefers to go in BMTC buses.
SS: You are going home today. By Volvo bus?(Note that travelling in bus is more costlier than in train)
Me: Nope I am going by train.
SS: So you have to go to Majestic. How will you be going there? By Auto?
Me: Nope by bus.
SS: Bus!!! ok.
But the most witty part was that eventhough it was one hell of a boring conversation, he didn't want to let me go.
Me: So... I have to go.
SS: Should you?
Me: Yeah....
SS: Oh..k ! Well then can I call you? (There was a slight hint that this question was intended to know my decision on him)
Me: No, I will give you the call after I decide.
SS: When ? By evening?
Me: No. I will talk to myparents and then let you know.
And then I scooted from that area. Before even I reached my hostel, I got messages from him thanking for coming to temple. And then another message saying that he liked me very much. He seemed to be damn impressed by a girl who is totally not his type plus a communist.It is then that I realised that the decision not to go inside the temple was more than good. What if he had tied the knot of mangalsutra. Considering the speedy approach he had in my case, I think he would have definitely done that. I felt sorry for myself having met him. And I felt sorry for him as well for liking me. But I knew that this is not the person I wanna marry, fall in love with. After I came back from my hometown, I told him that my marriage has been fixed(thats a lie, I am still single). He seemed to be shocked and did not reply me. So I had to cut the call myself by wishing him all the best. And that is how the whole thing came to an end. Well I am still in the hope I would meet "The" person in my life without having to go through such incidents anymore.

Welcome to the family of wallet loosers

Something common to most of us in our gang is that we are all wallet loosers. This tradition was started by Obamamol when she lost her purse in which she had her PAN card. But she didnt worry coz she is one extraordinary girl who has 2 pancards. I have heard that getting a new pan card is in itself a huge process. But inspite of that she was having two pan cards. That our Obamamol for you.

Next in the list is Ammini. She lost her Debit card and some money along with her purse. Now she is the proud owner of the new ATM card which has her name imprinted on it. And the card has cartoon picture of a husband and wife shopping. She fancies those pictures as herself and her Binuettan. Then it was me and Aanakutty. We lost our wallets on the same day when we were travelling to Majestic to board the train to our hometown. Fortunately I lost just Rs 100 as money, but it was the loss of the pen drive that I had been carrying for almost a year which hurt me the most. (Ente purse adichu maatiyavante thalayil idithee veezhatte). That was just a few good words for the man who took my purse. As for Aanakutty, she lost both her debit and credit card plus a 1000 bucks she wanted to give her brother for Vishu. And when she told about this to Obama, all she said was "Welcome to the family".

While we always teased Tudymol as phonemaniac, the other person in the gang to have followed the same footsteps is Ammini. She now eats and sleeps with her phone. When I first saw her phone, I was thinking whether it was an original Nokia phone coz I had never even heard of that model. But soon I found so many having the same phone. Ammini used to have 6030, one of my fav Nokia model, which my brother still uses. She had exchanged that for the new phone with her sister. But then she is always like that. She proudly buy many salwar suits for her sister. But after a few months, you will get to see her wear the same salwar she gifted her sister. How much I wish I had a sister so that I could wear her salwars too. Once when she was walking on the street talking on the phone(which is usual), some guy came and hit her in an intention to grab her phone. But the phone fell down giving no chance for the guy to get away with it. But the insiders story is totally different. They say that when the guy saw the phone, he must have thought that the phone is not even worth stealing it. Why do the stupidity.

Well, I think that I too am at the verge to loose my mobile. Of late, I have been so careless about my mobile. I will be in one corner of the ODC and my phone on the other corner. And when it rings "To the beat of my heart", I run across the ODC to pick up the phone. By the way, I have heard that I am one of those odd people who likes and listens to Hilary Duff songs. Well you must hear some, they are really good.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its me, the victim, this time

There is a sense of guilt that is overflowing my mind these days. And it is probably because I find my blog more of like a gossip column. If I have the right to mock at my friends, I should also never be spared. And since I am also a democratic along with being a communist, this time the post is dedicated to me and only me. The list of my blunders is too long to list, so I will limit that to a few incidents that happened recently.

Story 1:

I think I don’t have to explain anything about the “road-crossing” (take it literarily), right? You are in a metro and you can cross the roads whenever you get a chance. And if you become a traffic-rules-obedient citizen, then you are going to wait forever. “Cycle gap mein auto ghusana” that is what happens here. So on one such day, I was crossing the road with Blore and LJ (I don’t remember whether Binu, Donimol and MM were there or not). In fact, it was one of those odd days when you get a large space to cross the road and you could do it lavishly.

If I had crossed the road with at least 15degrees deviation, my “road-crossing” would have been totally uneventful. But I crossed at zero deviation. Now that is what you call the Aamir Effect (perfectionist). There was a guy who did the same. At the middle of the road, we were just going to bump on each other.

In a fraction of a second, my thoughts threw me into the grasslands of Switzerland. Note that there was a stream of music which was being played in the background. And if I remember it correctly it was a typical open note for a melodious duet and the lyrics of which consisted only of swaras’ – sa re ga ma. And then we were dancing and romancing on the tunes of a beautiful duet.
I came back to reality. We hadn’t bumped on each other at all, infact, we were standing atleast 10 inches away from each other. And then we departed in different directions. Wasn’t it unfortunate that a love story was pinched off in the pre-init stage itself? Anyways, Thank God, none was hurt in this incident.

But think of this scenario, if………..if someone, say I, was hit by a vehicle, he would have felt the guilt na? You do know what I mean by that, right? Something similar to what happens in Hindi movies. Atleast here there was a love story developing. OMG!!!!! What am I doing here in a software company? I should have been in Bollywood. Of course, K. Johar would have accepted such crap stories. But I am sure I wouldn’t ever go with this story to Mollywood. My heroine would rather allow a lorry to roll over her than to be hit by Mammootty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi and….and…and….is there any other actor in the industry?

Story 2:

There are a few principles that I follow when I mouthlook (sorry, I couldn't find an appropriate word for that in English, so I am simply writing the translation). Infact, I have a classification. Mouthlooking can be of two types: Temporary and Wayyyytemporary. You can put yor schoolmates, collegemates etc into the temporary category where you mouthlook them for atleast a few months. And the other one wayytemporary is the one in which you have glances of guys and gals on the roadside, in malls or anywhere and where you don't have a chance to bump on them again. So coming back to my principles.

1. Character does matter to me when it comes to temporary mouthlooking. Does it matter in the other category?
2. Boys who are slim are always preferred.
3. When you like a person, what is the harm in letting him know about that. (Infact, I don't mind anyone knowing that.)

Well, there are so many. But that is enough for now. Ok getting to the point. What happens when two mouthlookers go savvy? The answer is "They Meet". Once when I was loathing around the platform of our Railway Station (with my father beside me), I saw a line of guys who had just boarded off a train. I was having a glance of each and every one of them. Just then I saw a guy who was doing the same. There was a short telepathic conversation between us (Font in orange color is mine and green is his')
"Oh...No... Buddy....Are you nuts?"
"Nooo.........Not you"
A sigh of relief.......
" Then what? Go Next."
And then me too went NEXT. Shouldn't you appreciate my guts to mouthlook with my father just round the corner.

Story 3 :

It was just a few days back that I saw the hindi translation of Operation theatre. It is SHALYASHALA. As though we are shalyams (trouble) for the doctors. One funny thing about our Railway Hospital that I learned only a few days is also related to the shalyashala. The nurses and attendants working inside come outside and ask if anyone is there for operation or not. What the F***(beep!) man! Now you can wait in a queue for operation with the linen you have been covered with. I saw many of them (literarily) walk into the theatre. I have learned from Sydney Sheldon books that these doctors become so talkative inside the theatre and mostly they talk about food. In my nightmares, I see them operating my head and seeing my brain they exclaim "OH! This is not eatable!".

P.S. :- Song suggestion of this week: For hip-hop lovers, I guess, you should listen to the Taxi Song from the film Chakkarakatti (Tamil). It is an awesome number from the genius A R R. And you would also love the video of the song. When was the last time you heard a hindi song and said its lyrics was different and good too. When was the last time you heard a hindi song on friendship which comes close to Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chodenge. Well, that is what I like about Tamil songs. You have songs for every occasion with awesome lyrics.

Hey, and one more thing. I have changed my name here. It is Communi. I think it suites me more than Angel. Now that you know I aint no Angel. So if anyone comes up with a good name, I will be obliged.