Friday, February 26, 2010

I wanna go back to

To us mates.

I wanna go back to the days when we used to dine together at the cafeteria. That round table conference where I knew more about the java batch, Ramettan and Tuttumon's pjs.

I wanna go back to the days when a Dinshaws icecream was all that I needed to end my day.

I wanna go back to the day of our Spotlight and tell Lallu that she was the best dancer of the day. I shouldn't have missed Pattar's Wake me up song and Ramettan and gang's Mime.

I wanna go back to the day when we all dragged Dumbo (I know she'll kill me for writing this) to watch Dasavatharam and when I took a pic with Alu Arjun's poster. *Sadly SK lost the pic :(*

I wanna go back to the day when I and half-drunk-Eldhose (or was it fully drunk?) had fought over the topic Love on our first trip to home. *I don't remember what I told then, I just wanna check if those are still my viewpoints on love*.

I wanna go back to the days when we bought a book of malayalam film song lyrics and sang so loud that other inmates of our hostel came to warn us.

I wanna go back to those days when we 5 used to sit over the rocks infront of the reception and chit chat every night, forgetting that there were a bunch of mosquitoes accompanying us.

I wanna go back to the day when Obamamol and me went for a walk to the More and we shared our stories. *Dear Obamamol, I'm happy that that day happened in our lives. Otherwise we would never have been this close *

I wanna go back to the day when I stood up in the class for being one of the toppers for case study. *That was the only time I did that in my life. *

I wanna go back to the day when our training project group was formed. Even when there was a lot of fuss around us, our team was clearly the first one to form. *Guys, we still rock, don't we?*

I wanna go back to those days when birthdays naturally meant a treat at Raj Dhaba and free facial treatment of cake and sometimes a free bath with foam water, eye massage with toothpaste or kajal and conditioning of hair with tomatoes and eggs.

I wanna go back to those days when AM and I used to go upto the terrace for having tea in the evenings and watch gully cricket being played by kids in the neighbourhood.

I wanna go back to the days when Chillies was the perfect veg-restaurant and we considered their fried rice and curries to be made in heaven, Baker's chariot 's chicken sandwich was our perfect breakfast, Suruchi had the best naan ever, Reddy's chat was the most spiciest of all chats.

I wanna go back those days when Rakesh made me addicted to Bounty and Snickers. And I always had to pay the bills.

I wanna go back to the day when our whole batch played dumsharats. Kunal pulled my cheeks in happiness for getting Aparichit and Delhi Heights correctly. *See I still I remember it*

I wanna go back to the day when Eldhose left for Pune. If I had my go I would have pulled his ears and dragged him outside the bus and asked him to stay back. *We missed you a lot da*

I wanna go back to the days when we thought Bangalore was the worst that could happen to us. *It wasn't.. as we found out later what the actual worst thing was*

I wanna go back to the day when Ramettan and I betted on VS's number of votes in the previous elections and I narrowly escaped because the number of votes he got didn't fit into each ones betting range.

I wanna go back to the days when we used to sit and watch Miley Jab Hum Tum and comment on how good Nupur is and how dashing Mayank is. *Donimol, did you know that they got married ?*

I wanna go back to the days when we used to flock around the maggie counter of our cafeteria for our maggie cups and then rush all the way to busbay.

I wanna go back to the days Obama and me used to go for tea with Oku's gang. Competing amongst us to pile up the coffee cups.

I wanna go back to those days when we used to do all that we could to escape the bus pass checkers of our company bus. Then MJ was the traitor amongst us who had a cab pass.

I wanna go back to the days when we sent each other crap mails. Ammini, Blore and I would scratch our heads for ideas for our Trimurthy mails, which apparently we never did for coding. And Appimol and Koratty were our easy targets.

I wanna go back to the days when Rishi used to greet me with roses in the communicator. And Pattar made my day with his lame jokes. *He was the sole reason I got my name*

I wanna go back to the days when Forum was a regular hangout and we did shopping only at Archies, More and Landmark because of budgetary concerns. Those days I got addicted to McD's burger.

I wanna go back to those days when we never stopped cursing S_p for reducing our performance ratings. And cursing RB for his hairstyles, moustache-styles and everything he did.

P.S. :- I still have a lot left to say, but those tears in my eyes aren't allowing me.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Desperate/Runaway Moments

Sometimes I really want my life to be a little filmy. Everybody singing and dancing during weddings and get-togethers, melody duets being played during romantic times, sad senti songs being the BGM for senti times. (Btw I also like this old Bollywood trick- one song and the hero and the heroine get married, have their honeymoon and they have kids and they too grow up- wish our life was such an uncomplicated one). But more than anything else I just wanna learn how to disappear just like in films. Remember, in old films the heros used to vanish just like that from their prying sasumas, chachajis. If only I could learn that I'm just listing a few of my desperate moments where I just wanted to run away or vanish from there.

*** Where & When: Every Marriages I go. I am taking a reference of my college times

One lady comes upto me and ask,

She: How are you related to the bride?
Me: I am her xxx.
She: Oh!! Are you studying??
Me: Yeah Engineering..(Now getting an idea of who she is..)
She: Where's your mother?
Me: Don't Know. Even I'm searching for her ( Now I really was searching for Amma)
She: She'll have your horoscope na?
Me: *What! you expect Amma to carry that in all weddings* (Now cursing all my cousins who deserted me )
She: Why are you wearing specs?
Me : *Duh Huh* Short sight *Should I run now or wait for someone to rescue me*
She: There's a guy....Blah blah...
Me: *No one's coming?? What excuse should I make???*
She: Blah Blah.... (turns her head in search for another eligible girl)
I swiftly withdraw myself from the place.

***Where and When : Interview at Rajagiri College

After a short intro of myself to two girls sitting on my either side, the one on right said
Righty: Hey I know that guy. He's my senior at College.
Me: Oh!!
Lefty: No way... He was in my batch at TIME.
Righty, Lefty:...Blah Blah...
Me(having no idea what they're talking) : *Think I should find a new seat*
Just then,
Lefty(to me): Hey you got a bag from TIME?
Me: Yeah, You didn't get any?
Lefty: No re. (To Righty) Hey you know that guy....blah blah..
Me: *that's it...I'm never going to like these Ekm Jadas*
Finally the conversation comes to MAT scores
Lefty(To Righty): How was your score?
Me: *Thank God! This is my area! I'm gonna dazzle you girls*
Righty: 94. You know I wasn't prepared at all.
Me: *Somebody ask me!! pls!!!*
Conversation is trying to go somewhere else.
Me (desperately ...To Lefty): What's your score?
Lefty: 95... Blah Blah
Me: *Ask me!!*
Blah Blah
Me: *Ask me!!*
Blah Blah..

Till the end of the day, Nobody asked me that question as I choked myself with my score.

***Where and When: I think it was during 8th grade. A Unit Test time

Prologue: I had this cousin as my classmate. Being the better of the two in academics, I always scored more marks in every unit test. But this time, the teacher in Social Studies gave us one essay to study for the test. All we had to do was to mug up. But then fate was it. A slight mistake in my answer.
Scene 1: Everyone in the class scored 35 out of 35, but for me and a few others who were adamant not to study the essay.
Scene 2: My aunty who never showed up to our house during exam times comes running. After a few other queries, she asked me how much I scored in Social Studies. I said, "34 ". She,"Oh!!! (my cousin) got 35, you know". Amma's face becomes red. Rest is history.

***Where & When: My regular Vignesh bus

A fat lady enters the bus with a similarly fat daughter. Seeing her not able to stand properly, I gave my seat to her. A few stops later, the lady next to our fat lady gets down. I, who has been standing near the seat, try to sit. The fat lady pushes me away(with her single finger!!) and reserves the seat for her daughter. Thats it, I thought. "I am never gonna help any other fat/old ladies". But its me na, I won't ever learn. I still embarrass myself by falling again and again into such situations.

*** Where & When : Interview table at Rajagiri College

Interviewer: What do you want to do after MBA?
Me: I firstly want to learn things practically by joining some firm. But my actual ambition is to be an entrepreneur *Entrepreneur , my foot!*
Intrvwr: Entrepreneur! Hmm.... What kind of company would you want to start?
Me: Since I have experience in Software, I would like to start a Software company. *Software is the last thing I want to do on earth*

PS:- R@ji chechi got married on jan 27th and her reception function was at Railway Kalyanamandapam, my dream place. And chechi, this joke is dedicated to you and jeeju.

What did chechi's sasuma ask her to bring as dowry?
Dher saara pyaar aur ek lambhi seedi. Get It?

Yeah, I know this is an old and copied, but this is so true with R@ji chechi and jeeju.

PSS:- Do you know what's the best part of me getting married? I can officially make jokes about it.

PSSS:- Do you know what is the one thing I couldn't take my eyes off from in the new Mile Sur? Ranbir's portion. His trousers are so transparent. If they couldn't afford a better pair of trousers, they could have adjusted by taking the video of only the upper half. At least I wouldn't get distracted na.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Leg Break Dance

Well... I was actually supposed to write a post on my first MBA interview (Donimol had asked me to write it since we couldn't talk much about that on the day of my interview), but then the attention seeker in me says, spice it up gal!

I was returning home after the interview in Cochin. Achan as always keeping me company. (I think its a ritual here ... that either of the parent should accompany a girl who is engaged and that too everywhere. And everytime this happens, I shout "I'm not running anywhere!". Yes of course, that was to myself.) It was almost 7 pm. So when we reached the bus stop near Rest House, I found that it was the KSRTC bus coming. I was enthralled, for that is the only bus in which a seat is guaranteed(I wish it was the same with IIMs for me). So why does our KSRTC bus have so much vacant seats? Simple. Nobody would want to get backpain free, right? But anyways, this is the only KSRTC bus in our route. And it was the contribution of our CM V S Achuthanandan. 10 years of blatantly supporting him and atleast we got a bus. Now you say, why shouldn't I vote for him.

And of course, like all the state buses, this bus also comes with extra fittings. No handle(Whats the need, everyone boarding has plenty of seats to choose from ). No window pane (local charge pe AC yatra). Extra furry cushions (If you sit in the seat for an hour, you could actually use your butt as a writing would be a plane surface ). And potholes in the steps (even your bag could squeeze into those).

So as an extra-considerate daughter, I was helping my father to board off the bus. Exactly at the last step, my heels got stuck. Before I realised it, my other leg had stepped outside the bus. And before both of my legs realised anything at all, both were in the air. And .........ddddddddddhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiimmmmmmmm. In a fraction of second, I had landed myself to the safety of the road and at the expense of my right leg carrying the entire body weight. Ok so the falling part is over, who will pull me up? I looked around. There were only 2 men besides my father. And both were middle-aged men. What a bad luck I have, my first public falling performance and no cute guys to watch it. Cute nahi sahi, guys bhi chal sakta tha. Out of that one person helped me getting up.Meanwhile I was being advised to go the hospital straightaway or take an auto to home. I told them that I'm perfectly alright and I limped back to home.

But half way, achan suddenly asked(if you could please imagine my father with the sparkling bulb near his head) "Where's you ring? Nothing has happened to it na. Check if it's there in your finger". And I was like, WTF! Meri taang toot rahi hai aur aapko ring ki padi hai?

Followed was nothing much exciting. Rushing to the hospital at 10 pm and getting to sit in the wheel chair like an utter rogi. And at the end of all, all excitement finished when the doctor said that there's nothing to worry and prescribed some pain killers. Again WTF. I mean, its the first time I fell down and I don't even have a fracture? By then, I had totally imagined the next 2 weeks with the plaster of paris on my leg. I had always yearned for some goodwill oranges(the oranges your relatives give to you when you get admitted into a hospital). But I guess, the wait continues.

P.S. :- If you thought why so hullagulla over such a stupid issue. First time hai na. Publicity ke liye mere paas koi PRO bhi nahi hain. Everything is in my shoulders, you see.