Friday, April 23, 2010

Chotti Communi Stories

Foetus Communi was a Movie Fanatic

Doctor had set 6th June as the d-date for Amma, for the delivery. Amma till then mother of one-little-obedient child never had forseen that her dreadful days were about to begin. On the d-day, eventhough Amma didn't experience any pain, still went to the hospital, but was send back by the doctor. In actuality, Foetus Communi was well aware that a check-up at Railway Hospital naturally meant a MOVIE following it. So as any day, Amma and Achan went for a movie and all 3 of 'em enjoyed it. After Amma reached home, by 9 pm she started having pain and was quickly rushed to the Hospital. And approximately 11pm THE INEVITABLE HAPPENED....DISASTER.

"More Disasters at theatres : How to make Achan not see a movie"- Sponsored by Chotti Communi and her Brother

Chotti Communi did a volteface. Year 1 and 2, she hated theatres to the core. Chotti Communi and her Big Brother signed on an agreement that they won't allow Achan to watch movies at Theatres. After the initial 10 mins, Chotti Communi would kick off the plan by crying and Achan would rush with her outside the theatre to console her. 10 mins later when Achan finally brings Chotti Communi into the hall, she tags her Big Brother. Now Brother starts crying. Chain Reaction.........

Chotti Communi was a Dumb Genius

Chotti Communi never believed that the hero and heroine of a film would hug each other, let alone kiss each other ( could a girl hug a guy!!). Her theory was that there are two frames for the scene, one in which the hero runs and hugs a guy and the second in which the heroine would run and hug a girl. And these two frames are joined together to make it appear that the hero and heroine are hugging each other.

Chotti Communi was always confused about Cricket

Chotti Communi believed that "Partnership of 100 runs" was some kind of magic number, beyond which neither of the batsmen would get out. Chotti Communi also had some strange formula for projected scores, which almost everyone would laugh at making her dumbstruck.

Chotti Communi: the non-prankster!

After "Bombay", Chotti Communi sings "Amma.. Amma...Amma". Amma comes over to the sit-out running, "What happened????". Then Chotti Communi innocently says, "I was just singing Humma Humma..Ek Ho Gaye...".

Chotti Communi never believed in marriages

TS's mother asking all 3 (TS, Chotti Communi and AKC) what they wanted to do in future.
TS:- I want to be an Engineer.
AKC:- I want to be a Teacher.
Chotti Communi:- Enikku Amma aavanam *I want to be a mother*
TS's mom :- You should get married first.
Chotti Communi:- Venda. Enikku Ammayayaal mathi *No, I just want to be a mother*

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Social Interview Questions

[N.B. :- Sorry guys. Really sorry for the picture mishap. I have uploaded the pic properly and now you can click on the pic and view it clearly. I thee blame and condemn Internet Explorer for all the damages done.]

Why am I even writing long posts, when I thoroughly hate to read them. Am I not torturing you to read such long posts. So as a compensation, here comes a small one.

Don't you just love FB social interview questions. Sometimes, they are so funny. Once Pattar's friend TM (TM calls himself as TasteMaster for unknown reasons and for the same unknown reasons I always confuse that with Tea Master ...LOL) was asked a question about Pattar. You find out what followed the suite. Pls click the pic for better viewing.

P.S. :- Now you know the league of my friends. :)

P.S.S. :- Totally missing Pattar and his messages. He's off to Delhi on work and messages are costing him his balls, he says :(

P.S.S.S. :- "He" is back. *All Blushy Mushy*

Friday, April 2, 2010

Why I love tamil movies?

I'm a bunch of contradictions when it comes to movies. Normally, I'm sort of romcom girl. I love those colorful movies, as in literally colorful. If there is a dull or dark or blue shade to the screen, I just avoid seeing that movie. Maybe, thats why I end up seeing college-or-school-cindrella-type-movies again and again. But one unlikely movie, "Shooter" changed all. I started watching action-movies all of a sudden. Hitman, Incredible Hulk etc. And I also saw The Invasion. I was so engrossed in the movie. Thousands of thoughts were roaming inside my head until I saw the climax a week later. The last time the same thing happened was when I was reading Anne Frank's book. You just feel ki you're inside that house and when suddenly someone calls out for you, you feel "how can I go outside, it's all nazis out there".

On a funnier note, I just finished up writing up a list of English movies I saw since I came home and that would be since last August. The list has about 115 movies excluding the fact that I have seen all these movies a minimum of two times. The last movie to make into the list is "The Women" which I saw today. *This is what happens when you are utterly bored, craziness creeps-in in different forms*

Did I mention that I had a huge-huge headache the last 3 days and that kept me away from TV. It is for compensating that I saw The Women. Really, there's no competition for Meg Ryan. She's a league of her own. And boy, I missed VTV songs too. :( And that's when I thought of writing down why I just love Tamil movies.

The bunch of contradictions starts right here. Even though I expect every Malayalam or Hindi movies to have REAL content, that rules dims away with Tamil. My Rajnikant can throw bubblegum in the air and catch it with his mouth meanwhile fighting 50 odd hatta-katta guys. But that's a strict no-no with Mohanlal or Mammootty or Shahrukh or Aamir. I'm a music freak but then I hate to watch Hindi musicals. Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun happens to be in my never-watch list. I'm romantic but I can't fathom why DDLJ and Dil Toh Pagal Hain were so successful. I just dragged myself through the movies to find the reason.

But recently, I have had enough of Hindi films being real. Suddenly the songs vanished to make that impact it used to make. Suddenly every other song is a Punjabi bhangra. And the choreography, it all happens in a luxurious stage with lightings. No big difference. Where has the typical bollywood-dance songs gone? That used to just pop up when you thought of it the least.

I was watching CNN-IBN Real Heros Awards function the other day and I saw Rahul Bose saying. "We live in a world of invsible Indians, we see through most of India". And indeed, Bollywood does the same. And perhaps that's the reason why most of the Indian stories take place in foreign countries. Of course, I cannot ask "New York" to be in India, but what about "Kal Ho Na Ho" or "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna" or the recent one "Hum Tum aur Ghost"? And does the directors even know about the respected middle class of India. Somehow, poverty has ceased to be a storyline in the films. Luxury and more luxury it is, right? Well, I respect some filmmakers like Shyam Benegal, Rajkumar Hirani for saving the image. When it comes to real, I prefer to watch Abhay Deol films. Its a lot satisfying you know. But its too infrequent and sometimes go unnoticed. And Malalayalm, forget it, I haven't seen a decent film in ages.

And this is where I love Tamil movies. It talks about the common man and please I'm not talking about Rajnikant movies here. It has all classes. You have films which are totally based abroad and still find cult village classics. And the music for every genre. Right from the melodies to the rocking fast numbers. Unlike Malayalam, Tamil is a language totally adaptable with English. Even if you add a few Rap beat into a Tamil song, it will only be sone pe suhaga. ARR, Harris Jayaraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja doing justice to all kinds of music listeners.

Watch this song from VinnaiThaandi Varuvaya(VTV). Sung by Naresh Iyer, the Roobaroo fame. Btw, that reminds me Pattar once had a chance to meet Naresh Iyer at a family function and took a pic with him. They must be relatives, I guess. I recommend this video for its excellent choreography and to know what I miss in Hindi songs. Music is by A R Rahman. Need any comments there???

And there are a whole new generation of actors in Tamil. Everyone is given their own space. Kamal Hasan and Rajnikant never compete against Ajith, Vijay, Surya or Vikram and they in turn don't compete with Simbu, Vishal or anyothers. But its disheartening to say that there is no future for Malayalam films. Prithviraj , Indrajith and Jaisurya are trying to play second fiddle to Mohanlal and Mammootty or rather they are forced to do so. As for Hindi, I just want a new breed of actors, some who could play a college girl or boy. A good college love story. I just don't want 40yr old Aamir to play a 20yr old again. Recently anyone without a proper launch has been thrashed at the Box Office. I guess, there was some remake of Juno and God knows what happened with that.

Another video from VTV recommended for the same reasons. If you get bored and if you have fine internet connection please hop over to time 1:37 *Really recommended*. Isn't it the sweetest way to picturise a girl. Trisha looks so beautiful. I wish I were her. Yeah, I know...who would want to see a monkey with a flower-hat.
Acting and glamour go hand-in-hand here just like any other industry. Even Aamir fell short of Surya in Ghajini's remake. We just fell in love with the name Sanjay Ramasamy because of Surya.

Probably, you could never satisfy me with one genre of movies. I tend to like different movies at different times. Sometimes a sci-fi like Independence day, sometimes a romcom like When Harry Met Sally, sometimes a politically motivated Satta, sometimes tragic instilled Chandni Bar, sometimes out-an-out comedy like Panchathanthiram, sometimes an investigative thriller like The King. But that's where all others fail and Tamil rise. It rises and raises the bar.

The last and final recommendation. If only you could understand Tamil. This is a superb comedy scene from Panchathanthiram.

P.S. :- I never had such a horrific time writing a post. Youtubing for videos is deadly since I own very-high-speed-internet.

P.S.S. :- I was intending to put only the videos and let it explain in itself, but talkative me :-P