Saturday, November 17, 2012

26 !!!

Its been such a long time. I regret to write this line every now and then in my blog, but seriously, I kind of have lost my fluency with words or I cant think in  terms of words these days. I still remember the days when ideas always struck me on my bus journey to office. Really, those were the days, man!

I was totally intending to write on the day I turned 26. I had so many thoughts then. Must say 26 is a very tragic age to be, for me atleast. I have this strange feeling of getting old after I turned 26. Only one or two girls of our batch are yet to married and 90% of those married have already made their contribution to the country’s population. And the percentage of guys who got married is oscillating between 40 and 50. But its when the guys in your batch start having kids, that you exactly feel Grand-old. Now that that count has risen to 3, I am already feeling like a Granny.

Even though I must confess that technically, I have been in the Granny post for the past 3 years. All thanks to my Grandma who gave birth to 5 children with such spacing between them. Yeah, same to you Grandpa! Anyway I’m not going to let Aleikh (that’s my grandson) call me Granny. We seldom meet, so it’s kind of calming.
Anyways, there have been some major changes in me which I kind of noticed past 25. Like, I can watch a comedy show, comedy movie without a slight change in my lip length. Yeah, I guess I forget to laugh on such occasions. I have patience for everything in life. My genre of movies has changed from romcom to anything-but-horror-and-easy-to-digest. I can watch all 3 parts of Transformers for the umpteenth time.

I have started watching serials. These days I have been watching Iss pyar ko kya naam doon, Saath nibhana saathiya, Pyar ka dard hai, Honge judha na hum and sometimes I watch all the other ones in Star Plus just for timepass. Infact, my serial addiction has gone onto such a level that I have influenced my mom to watch it. Her understanding of hindi which had quite stopped after we got cable connection some 10 years back, is now improving. That’s quite remarkable na.

And I have become addicted to cookery shows and also to reading recipes in the magazines. Infact, these days I have experimented a lots of recipes, including rasagullas. Since I have mentioned it, I must also say that it was a failure. The rasagullas became so hard when they were kept in the refrigerator.

Anyways I intend to keep the enthu of writing going for atleast this month. My internet connection is a superb one. I can watch movies without buffering. Just skype is posing problems unknown to me. So chao for now.