Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Must reads and some thank-yous

I am not sure why it happens everytime. This starting trouble. Everytime when I start a new post, I have this difficulty in how to start the post. Many a times, I come up with so much irrelevant things to cover up my starting trouble. And only if you could sit with me while I am typing, would you understand how much I have typed-and-retyped this first portion of my post. I am a firm believer of "Practice makes perfect" and hope someday I would write like Pattar or Sid. To the point. But more than anything else, I would love to have Obamamol's head. I have already told you about her creativity, her innovation in spinning stories from a simple and irrelevant incident. You could read that and more over here. You must read her poem also, that she wrote while we were all attending a session on DotNet 3.5. It was a desparate move to get rid of the boredom in the class. Actually, you won't find anything related to software interesting when it is being taught. And poem reminds me, a few days back I saw this movie of Drew Barrymoore, Never Been Kissed, and in that, the word "Poem" was pronounced as if it were "Pome". Is it the actual way of pronouncing it ? or is it just another American accent, which we usually dont care. The only thing I adapted from the American English is the usage of 's' instead of 'z' in words like civilis(z)ation. That was one correction I was totally used to at school, since we are asked to follow the British English.

Anyways this discussion of accent isn't going anywhere. So, what I intend to do here is to have a thanks giving post. A post dedicated to all my friends, who are the air and soul of my blog. First the title credits. Its Pattar who suggested me the title of the blog. Then, I wasn't even aware that such a word existed (As if I know everything now). But it suites. If I had been at any point of my life a little focussed, I would have reached somewhere. Next to Ammini, Obamamol for naming us, hostelmates. If not for these names, I couldn't have written a word about them. The only problem was the frequency with which we were being renamed. I couldn't cope up with this, so i sticked to the names in my first post. Ammini, Blore and me were the one who started with the Trimurthy mails. Those mails are a real inspiration for this blog. Obamamol. I need her brains, man.

Thanks. Blore for her rendezvous with RB which made it to my blog. One info that I haven't ever shared about her is that Blore is a walking and talking film encyclopedia.And if you are playing dumsharat with her, better be in her team. Koratty for her wit. You can expect her step to fame "Laigayude kathakaari" in this space soon. Aanakutty and Appimol for giving me the idea to write about us in my blog which would otherwise have been so stale. Tudy for her special fun moments. For Tudy's manjurani and reetha episode, please do read Obamamol's blog. AN, Donimol, Binu, Sharath and Tuttudu for being my victims. And Sharath, sorry. For writing your real name. I am not an expert at naming you know. Or rather, you can take this as a credit da, the only person to have been referred with his real name my blog. AM, Lallu, Ramettan, Colonel also. For giving memories of a lifetime. I also thank others like our thief, SS and RB who had made active contribution to my blog eventhough they are unaware of this. And they better be. For more than 1 reason.

There aren't enough words to thank you guys for making my life so eventful and special. Anyways, I will miss you all guys.