Monday, April 20, 2009

Another T-Interview

When I told a friend of mine that I might have one more post on T-inrtvw, he screamed "Not Again". But still that wouldn't discourage me from writing this coz it has to be written. Its not everyday that you get to see a person who is completely unacceptable to you but still find that he likes you. Thanks to Blore, I have this wonderful pic of mine which is the profile pic in my matrimonial account. And I have been recieving a lot of inetersts lately because of that. I had always thought that I look awful in photos (as if I look great in person), but this pic has changed my perception. When you have the right person behind the camera, you can look great.

Ok, coming back to the point, one evening at around 8 pm I recieved a call from a guy who introduced himself as SS (I cant believe that its sheer coincidence to find that most of alliances that come for me have the guy's name starting with S). So, he told me that he had seen my profile and was interested in it. I asked him how come he got my number since the phone numbers are not displayed in my profile. He said that he had a friend whose another friend works in my company who got him my number. I assumed that he might have "expressed interest" long ago and since I was not a regular user of this portal, after finding no response from me, he thought of calling me. I told him that I will look his profile and reply him back. I did explain him that I dont access to the portal everyday and that he might have wait atleast till the weekend. And so I thought its over.

But not yet baby, he called me the next morning. When I repeated again about not having access to the site, he told me to send him my office id, so that he could send his details. I really didn't know what to say. I said ok and cut the call. After that I tried not to attend his call or reply to his messages. So as obedient daughter, I retelecasted the whole episode to my parents through phone. After a week, I again got a call from SS. This time it was from a landline number so that I won't recognise him and cut the call(Great Thinking!). Eventhough I was totally pissed off by his calls and messages, I didn't have the courage to say a direct No. So I told him that I was going home that weekend, would convey this to my parents and then let him know. Little did I realise that this was the turning point of this entire episode. When I reached my home, I was asked to search for his profile and show it to amma and achan. I told them that I didn't like him. But after coming back to Bangalore, I don't know how things changed back in my home, I got a call from amma asking for SS's number. I asked them if I don't like him, why should they talk to him. But they had some excuse that since both of us are in Bangalore, it would be easy for us to go to office and all. Wow, Now that is some reason to get married. Finally I had to give them his number. They then talked to SS and asked for his parents number. My parents talked to his parents also. But the only thing they said was that we (me and SS) should decide about going further.

So I was called by SS to fix a T-interview. I think writing the conversation would animate my post.
SS: So when shall we meet?
Me: Saturday perphaps, since I will be going home on Sunday.
SS : Oh NO, Saturday is not a good day.
Me: (What???) so may be next week
SS: No, its too long , can't we meet before that.
Me: Ok then thursday is a holiday for us since it is elections here.
SS: No, its also too long.
Me: Then I don't know.
SS: Sunday.
Me: I told you na that I going home in the evening and that I have booked tickets for a film in the morning, at 11.
SS: We can meet before that. May be at 9 am.
Me: (duh huh) ok. so where?
SS: There is an Ayyappa temple in Madiwala. Can we meet there?
Me: No its too far for me, May be forum.
SS: No, is there any temple in Tavarekere?
Me: (What!!!!!!!!) yeah there is an Ayyappa Temple there also.
SS: I will come in Auto there. So tom 9 am.
Me: (Okayyyyyyy) Ok.

What the hell man. I still couldn't believe I had to meet a guy who is Superstitious plus an Ambalavaasi. No I can't handle this one. But still I had to face it. So on the D- day, I got ready, as always, a little late. He called me to tell that the pooja is going on, and that I needn't hurry. Was I meeting the same guy who I hated so much from the beginnig? But I came back to my previous conclusion when I got a second call from him, while I was about to reach the temple.
SS: Where are you?
Me: I will reach the temple within a min.
SS: I am inside the temple, come there.
Me: No, I can't.
SS: Why?
Me: (Duhhhhh)I don't go to temples.
SS: Why?
Me: I don't go to temples. (I was quite pissed off by then)
SS: Okay.
Me: Please come outside, I will be there.
SS: Okay.

When he came outside, he again asked me why I don't to go temples. I told him that I am a communist. Guys, Please be careful while you ask girls to go to temples, the reason of she refusing it may not be always that she is a communist.
SS: Are you the only one like this in your family? Or are everyone communist?
Me: Its just me like this.
SS: Oh!!!
Just then a few girls came out of the temple.
SS: (Pointing to the girls) Look, they are all praying.
Me: (Now do you really think that's gonna change me!)
And I had this sarcastic smile on my face through the entire conversation. Well much of the conversation we had was the usual stuff, like knowing each others whereabouts and about the families. But the difference was that it was in "Art Film"mode. I was asking a question, he would answer it. And then there is silence. Meanwhile, I had started counting the no. of cars + bikes + autos passing us. He told me that he has rented a house and is living on his own. And the reason he gave for living alone in a city almost 20 hrs from Trivandrum, his hometown, was the shocker no.1. He was not getting "Peace" when he is staying with friends. Oh really! so you are not a social animal. I hadn't realised that Trivandrum is not anyway near to Palakkad and that reaching there from Bangalore is not as easy. But I still asked him how often he goes to his home. Here comes the shocker no.2. "I go only once in six months. How can I go home. I have to leave this house here alone. And here I have grown some plants too". PLANTS???. SO you don't wanna meet your parents and siblings because of your plants.

And the last thing I wanted to hear from was that he is not the ordinary guy I am looking for. He is a guy who prefers to commute in autos only unlike me who prefers to go in BMTC buses.
SS: You are going home today. By Volvo bus?(Note that travelling in bus is more costlier than in train)
Me: Nope I am going by train.
SS: So you have to go to Majestic. How will you be going there? By Auto?
Me: Nope by bus.
SS: Bus!!! ok.
But the most witty part was that eventhough it was one hell of a boring conversation, he didn't want to let me go.
Me: So... I have to go.
SS: Should you?
Me: Yeah....
SS: Oh..k ! Well then can I call you? (There was a slight hint that this question was intended to know my decision on him)
Me: No, I will give you the call after I decide.
SS: When ? By evening?
Me: No. I will talk to myparents and then let you know.
And then I scooted from that area. Before even I reached my hostel, I got messages from him thanking for coming to temple. And then another message saying that he liked me very much. He seemed to be damn impressed by a girl who is totally not his type plus a communist.It is then that I realised that the decision not to go inside the temple was more than good. What if he had tied the knot of mangalsutra. Considering the speedy approach he had in my case, I think he would have definitely done that. I felt sorry for myself having met him. And I felt sorry for him as well for liking me. But I knew that this is not the person I wanna marry, fall in love with. After I came back from my hometown, I told him that my marriage has been fixed(thats a lie, I am still single). He seemed to be shocked and did not reply me. So I had to cut the call myself by wishing him all the best. And that is how the whole thing came to an end. Well I am still in the hope I would meet "The" person in my life without having to go through such incidents anymore.

Welcome to the family of wallet loosers

Something common to most of us in our gang is that we are all wallet loosers. This tradition was started by Obamamol when she lost her purse in which she had her PAN card. But she didnt worry coz she is one extraordinary girl who has 2 pancards. I have heard that getting a new pan card is in itself a huge process. But inspite of that she was having two pan cards. That our Obamamol for you.

Next in the list is Ammini. She lost her Debit card and some money along with her purse. Now she is the proud owner of the new ATM card which has her name imprinted on it. And the card has cartoon picture of a husband and wife shopping. She fancies those pictures as herself and her Binuettan. Then it was me and Aanakutty. We lost our wallets on the same day when we were travelling to Majestic to board the train to our hometown. Fortunately I lost just Rs 100 as money, but it was the loss of the pen drive that I had been carrying for almost a year which hurt me the most. (Ente purse adichu maatiyavante thalayil idithee veezhatte). That was just a few good words for the man who took my purse. As for Aanakutty, she lost both her debit and credit card plus a 1000 bucks she wanted to give her brother for Vishu. And when she told about this to Obama, all she said was "Welcome to the family".

While we always teased Tudymol as phonemaniac, the other person in the gang to have followed the same footsteps is Ammini. She now eats and sleeps with her phone. When I first saw her phone, I was thinking whether it was an original Nokia phone coz I had never even heard of that model. But soon I found so many having the same phone. Ammini used to have 6030, one of my fav Nokia model, which my brother still uses. She had exchanged that for the new phone with her sister. But then she is always like that. She proudly buy many salwar suits for her sister. But after a few months, you will get to see her wear the same salwar she gifted her sister. How much I wish I had a sister so that I could wear her salwars too. Once when she was walking on the street talking on the phone(which is usual), some guy came and hit her in an intention to grab her phone. But the phone fell down giving no chance for the guy to get away with it. But the insiders story is totally different. They say that when the guy saw the phone, he must have thought that the phone is not even worth stealing it. Why do the stupidity.

Well, I think that I too am at the verge to loose my mobile. Of late, I have been so careless about my mobile. I will be in one corner of the ODC and my phone on the other corner. And when it rings "To the beat of my heart", I run across the ODC to pick up the phone. By the way, I have heard that I am one of those odd people who likes and listens to Hilary Duff songs. Well you must hear some, they are really good.