Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lessons learned in 2011

Happy New Year all you guys. I hope you all have a good year ahead. One that doesn't make you say that 'Oh Shit, 2011 was so much better'. I just wish I do all the blunders, all the mistakes, all the stupidities this year which can make it to my blog. Hehe :)

Since the year I took a new-year-resolution that I won't be taking any new year resolutions, I have been strictly following it. So what to write on this year's very first post. Ok! lemme write about the lessons learned during 2011.

1. Love dogs(in a broader sense pets). Put your husband and your dog in the luggage space of your car for an hour. After that open it to find out who loves you more :)

2. I have a very big apetite. A few days back I ate a full-biriyani for the first time in my life.

3. I am totally a vegetarian at heart. I still have feelings for the hens who sacrificed their lives for my tummy to satisfy.

4. Write more or atleast write something or else I will lose touch. I just don't know if I will be ever be an author which was my wish a few years ago,

5. Life before and after marriage are totally different.

6. Never ever love your job OR hate your boss as much as possible 'coz they both don't love you back.

7. People who think they are intelligent are actually not. That includes yours truly also.

8. I love love Rajnikant. If I had my go, I would certainly marry him. Over the years, love and respect for him has only increased.

9. N72 is a terrific gadget. So I have decided to live with it for more years to come. The dream of owning a Blackberry has been postponed till May 2013.

10. Driving is not my cup of tea. I have been struggling with an Activa for all these days. I live in Kochi near Kaloor. So guys, please avoid these places, k?

11. I am leaving politics for good. Its better to have I- don't-like-politics look than I-have-no-idea look. Got me?

12. I suck at mathematics. $200= Rs 880. Guess who calculated it?

13. I totally need a good picture. Realisation dawned when I needed a cover picture for my facebook timeline.

14. My blog is never gonna be so..o famous. So its high time I stop being so cautious about my identity. But since I so love 'Communi', I won't change it. But I will be more lenient.

15. I love making lists. And now you know it.

Chalo, I am winding up for now. Tata ...