Wednesday, December 31, 2008


On this new year eve, I wish all of you a Happy New Year. I just wish to see a lot more action from the part of my hostelmates which I can blog upon.They have always encouraged me a lot in this regard by providing me more funny incidents to write. I do hope to continue on that. What all had happened this year were for the good of all of us. I learnt a lot of new things, made a lot of friends, had a lot of fun and frolic. On the whole, it was really a memorable year. Transforming from a layman to a Software Engineer is no small deal. We all got through the process (and very well). And we all learned to have fun during the work hours (when actually we had no work at office). I hope we could enjoy the new year similarly.
So, HAPPY NEW YEAR.......................................

Monday, December 22, 2008

While I Pen Down My Year- Habsiguda Dreams (Dedicated To Lallu And AM)

I have been slow on blogging for a few days, bcoz I found no topics around me that much interesting. While my problem was finding good topics, but our Obamamol had no problem in creating new and baseless stories. You can read more of such stories in kelly's life. One thing that makes me awe her is her creativity, the pace at which she creates stories and link-ups. If only I were her, my blog wouldn't have been so stale.

Its the year end and I am going home for christmas and so here are the few days I get to bid bye officially (in my blog) to 2008. Even though I will back on 30th, but party-sharty karne ka time hai... blogging ka nahi. And this is a year and not just a day or a week to bid bye in just one blog. This is the year when I had transformed totally from a student to a professional, when I earned money and gave my first salary to my parents with great pride, when I was benched with my talent, when I started blogging, when I made friends for a lifetime and a year when my dreams became sky-high.

I travelled through the limits of Hyderabad. Stayed in atleast 3 places there. Hanged out in most of the possible places in Hyd. And then ofcourse, we came to Bangalore and doing shopping every weekend(ofcourse it is a credit card shopping, who got the money to shop in debit). I think I am in the making of a shopaholic.

The golden era of our Hyderabad life started of at Habsiguda. Even though most of our batchmates were staying at Paigah Colony, we five of us found this hostel which was very close to our training centre. Me, Blore, Aanakutty, Lallu and AM. AM was our collegemate (whom I had never seen at college) and Lallu belongs to my hometown. Lallu was in her post wedding days and was a lady "devdas" of being separate from her husband. But nonetheless, she was not a married girl who would always be in phone and won't enjoy with us. We never had the feeling that she was married and not "free " as we are. Most of the boys in batch including Paachu fell in love with her at first sight , they were so dissappointed when they came to know about her marriage.

I won't ever believe that AM is a grown up girl. Everyone in her batch compares her with the character of Revathy in Kilukkam. She fells flat when she sees chicken (Poricha kozhide manam!!!!!!!!!). The best part of our stay at Habsiguda was that we never had any problem in adjusting with anyone. We just blended with each other like coffee powder in hot water(Sorry Guys, I didn't get any other anomaly). The Secuderabad city was atleast half an hour from Habsiguda, but we managed to go there most of the weekends. Thats where I learned the abcd of shopping, General bazaar being our usual destiny.

Even movies were something everyone loved. Me and Lallu used to watch movies in her lappy. She has a good collection of dvds with her. We loved to dine at Suruchi, have snacks from Baker's Chariot. Last year we celebrated Christmas and New Year by buying cake from Bakers. It will be one of the most remembered New Year parties in my life. We threw cake over each other and danced all night with other hostelmates. Really a golden day of my life. :-)

When we moved from Habsiguda to Dorms,we five were in five different rooms, but still we were inseparable. We used to get together very evening to have dinner and then sit in front of the reception discussing different things. More than we knew about our batch, we knew what happened that day in Java batch(Lallu and AM were trained in Java, we 3 in dotnet), what all PJs were told that day and so on. We used to have a round table conference. Colonel, Tuttu and Ramettan also used to be there. I remember when one day Colonel had 3 rounds of meal in dinner during that conference, 1.when he came alone, 2. when we 3 came and 3. when Lallu and AM came to cafeteria.

I still remember the day when we made Deeps tease Colonel by making her sing "Pavizhamalli Poothulanja..."(Deeps is from N.India, so doesn't know Malayalam). Also we assigned more than two boys to a girl or its better to say, more than two boys were interested in the same girl. Colonel was after a girl who looked too gud, but for her smile. And then he again got hooked up with someone in Gym. Thats how he also became known as "Gymman".

:-) Those used to be the "THE DAYS". All I wish is to live those days once more. There are so many things to write about the year and the life in hyderabad. Watch out for more.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi- Review

Seeing a movie after a gap of 4 months is really refreshing and that too when it is a Shahrukh Khan movie, you can't ask for more. But this seriously is Anushka's movie. Ofcourse, we go for the movie because SRK is there, but come out thinking of Anushka, her great smile and dance. She is refreshingly fresh. If you are a person who puts logic(or rather common sense) outside the theatre, you will definitely enjoy the movie. SRK plays Surinder Sahni and Anushka play Taani.

The movie starts with the marriage of Surinder and Taani. Taani who was betrothed to her lover but with his death in an accident on the day before the marriage, her father suffers a massive heart attack. Surinder being his favourite student was asked to marry Taani by him on his death bed. But the problem in their marriage is that Surinder loves her and she doesn't love him back. Things take a U-turn when Surinder decides to lure her by transforming to a modern guy, Raj . But accidently he becomes her dancing partner in the local dance competition. She sings and dances with him and has fun with him not realising the real love of Surinder. Will she realise Surinder's love is the rest of the story.

What I really can't understand is that, did the director go back to those 70's and 80's movies where the police don't identify the person when he attach a moustache on his face. In here, its removing a moustache. Only if someone tells me that the heroine has serious issues with her eyes, I will agree to the logic applied here. If you could leave that point, what striked the most to me is that the film is about a middle class family. Its a great relief from the usual bollywood which showcases just the upper-higher-class society, which is hardly relatable to the mass of the audience.

About the songs. Haule Haule and Tujhme Rab Diktha Hai are my personal favourites. But you can watch the groovy steps of Anushka in Left Leg Aage and SRK merely coping up that.

Anushka is the one you can lookup to in the near future. She is really a promise to the industry. Vinay Pathak play his role moderately, not upto the expectations though. Better go to the theatre without expectations, it won't disappoint you then.

P.S. :- The film becomes a little senti in-between which made Ammini cry. Light hearted girls who cry when SRK cries, beware.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I can't really think of anything now

Nothing is coming to my mind. No ideas. No gossips. And because me and Obama are on a treaty not to have a "War Of Blogs", it has left me with very little options to blog upon. Oh yeah! we today got a free t-shirt for attending a session or rather, for going over there and sleeping. One of the most interesting aspect of attending these sessions is that you could sometimes blabber the same things when you are having some interviews. Interviews. I think that point is a little far fetched. So we won't discuss about that here. Then what should I pen down (key down). Before I get some deadly ideas, I will say some of the good or poor jokes thats surrounds our friend's circle.

It has been said that Koratty, as a child, was found in a fish basket in the Chalakudy market (the-most-famous market in kerala).

Q:If K2C (abbreviation for Kamal Kumar Chawla, name not real) was K2'C' in the first phase training, what would be he called in the second phase?
Ans: K2Java

Koratty to Dans : You are fat, your next generation will be even more fatter. In the third generation, they will be like a ball and would be used to play football.
Dans to Koratty : In your fifth generation, all of ur descendants can be tied together to make a broomstick.

Q:Why don't a java tutor give homeworks?
Ans: In java, everything has to be written inside a "class".

The best example of a metrosexual : SK when in his Green T-Shirt!

Q:What is the one thing that makes AN aka Chalu Raja romantic and his pocket empty?
Ans: Chocolate Fantasy

Okies...that was all I could think of. But sure, I will come with a good topic as soon as possible.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wazzup Blore!!!

After having tea from the cafeteria, me, Blore and VP (I am renaming you-know-who) went to the 4th floor for signing out for the day. As usual the papers were with RB. Don't mind, this is the system that is followed here in our Company- sign-in and out in papers. Ok! before going any further, let me first explain the situation in our office. We work in shifts. Me, Blore and Ammini are in the morning shift and the rest of the beauties in our hostel(this doesn't anywhere mean we 3 are not beautiful) are in the afternoon shift. There is lack of systems (computers) in our ODC and this is the reason why we are working in shifts. But fortunately, since my system doesn't have its counterpart in the afternoon, I continue to sit till 7 pm. And basically my only enjoyment in office is blogging and our Trimurthikal's mail. Even today we launched a mail voicing against the atrocities done by ObamaMol. Our shifts change everyweek. We are supposed to have afternoon shift next week.

Coming back, RB was sitting in his cabin and the papers were in his desk. While we were signing, Blore asked about the next week's shift timings.
Blore : What is the shift timings for next week?
RB(his response was very quick) : "Wazzup Blore? Kab karna hai? Main bhi bhool gaya. GC bhi bhool gaya. Ek kaam karo tum kal mujhe yad dilaao" (Wazzup Blore? When do you want it. I forgot. GC forgot. Just do one thing, remind me tomorrow.).
RB : Wazzup Blore?
Blore grinned.
RB : Kya haalchaal hain? (hows is it going?)
Blore grinned again. VP had started giggling.
RB : Aap logon ka kaun sa shift hai? (what shift are you people in?)
Blore : First shift.
RB : Tho kyon ab thak rukhe ho?(So, why are you staying back?)
Blore grinned.
Me : We had some work to do. (Duh Huh !!)
RB : Awesome Man......... (As we turned away from him) Chalo Bye.
We couldn't control the laughter after coming out of the ODC. The first thing that striked me was to blog in the different adventures of RB.

We had first met him in Patny office (Hyd) right after we shifted from our HQ. My first impression about him was that he is for sure a "show off". And yup, I didn't have to change that impression anywhere down the lane. One of his main adventures (very similar to AK's in our HQ) is the relocation drama. He used to come every day and ask us to give preference of location - Chennai, Bangalore or Pune. Infact one time when this drama happened, we almost packed our bags to Chennai. And then one day he came up and told us that all are going to be compulsorily relocated to Pune. But in the next few days, we did came down to reality. It was in the climax of one such drama that we went back to HQ instead of getting reloacted to Chennai.

Another of many timepass activities of RB is to make the Benchers to do activities like Quiz, Group Discussion etc. This was the golden period of Blore and Aanakutty. RB used to call Aanakutty as Blank face which was later modified by us for our convenience as Blanky. RB took special interest in both of them and assigned them the work of conducting quiz on some of the days. When they were asked to do some other activities, they re-invented the game 'Ashwamedham', that too in a local style (as in, we now don't have to find famous personalities in 21 questions, but had to find the batchmate in 6 questions). The game which was played by the three of us during training was a huge success. And it was also heard that, boys of our batch continued this game at their hostel as well.

It was because of these adventures of RB that we were quite relieved to go back and report at our HQ. But then there was AK there, about whom I will write later because there is a lot to write about him as well, who was a ditto RB. We didn't have to tolerate much of AK's melodramas since we came to Bangalore within a month.

After a few weeks, when we first saw RB again in Bangalore, we ran different rumours about him. Like he has his girlfriend here so and so and that he will be going by the weekend. But bad news showered over us, when we saw him again coming to our ODC carrying our sign-in sheets. From that day onwards, we have been tolerating his tantrums. God knows, how much more we have to suffer. Anyways, the bad news for Blore is that she has been noticed again. Goodluck Blore!


Today 12th of December. Its Rajnikant's birthday today. A little while ago I distributed chocolates among my friends over here. Then Aanakutty asked me if I had distributed chocs for my Brother's birthday. The answer was, unfortunately, No. This doesn't mean that Rajnikant is more important to me than my brother. Bro, It is only you who will come first.
It always amazes me when I see the simplicity of the man. Rajnikant who is the second highest paid actor in the continent, the highest in India, carries a Nokia 1100 phone to communicate to the world. Even I, one of the lowest paid Software Engineer, use an N-series phone. He is 58 today. And yeah it might be "too old" for some you guys. Yes, he uses a lot of make-up to look young in his films. He uses wig to cover his baldness. But Guys, can you ever see an actor getting out in public without make-up prior to the release of his movie, not covering his age or bald head. Believe me, nobody can do that.
And only Rajnikant can do that. It is only because of the immense support from his fans, and his demigod status, he is able to do those things that other actors can't do. He can throw a bubblegum into the air, meanwhile fight with 500 villians and then catch the gum in his mouth- still making it believable among his fans. I would rather say, it is accepted by the audience. He is an actor who cares really for the society and does a lot to its development. Be it the "The Ashram" school run by Lata Rajnikant or the social service done by his fan clubs, he sees to it that he has returned something to the society from which he has earned.
I am one among the ardent fans of Rajnikant. And I am proud to be one. I have been teased many a times because of being so. But when you have lived a lifetime being his fan, these silly teasings won't really bother. Hats off to Rajnikant.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Anniversary Thoughts

Finally we made it. Its been one year in the company. How we managed it is a different story all together. But nonetheless, it is an occasion to remember, to have fun and also to lookback and relish the memories created so far. Here, I am going to tell a story of a girl, story of her dreams and aspirations, a story of transformation.

She was very happy, on 1st Dec, when she boarded the train with her parents and families of two of her friends at college. It was quite unclear to her, not even the station where she had to get down. She just had a slight clue that that day atleast 30 of her to-be-batchmates had boarded the train. But she didn't know anyone, nor did her friends. Although there were communities in Orkut through which she could have known others in the train, she hadn't cared much for that. As a bunch of boys passed her, she remembered a face from whom she had got a friend request at the last moment. It was AN(Now better to call him Chalu Raja). She walked upto him and talked to him. She was introduced to others in the gang. That was the first day.

The following days were filled with more excitment, as she and her friends and their families went for a tour of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. She found the place to be homely one and was able to relate to the city very easily. Eventhough she had been once to city, things now where quite different. She was destined to stay here for sometime, atleast for some months. A little tension of leaving her parents for the first time was also haunting her. But she consoled herself, for it was this life that she always dreamt of.

On 6 Dec, she was asked to report to an office in the city, where she came to know that they will be taken to the HQ of the company which 20 kms away from the city. It was no less like a "Bidaai", when all the parents, particularly mothers, (of girls) shed their tears (well, that is a little exaggeration) when all of them boarded different buses. After a long hour, they finally reached the HQ. She stood with her mouth wide open at the first glance of the conference hall. She was really skeptical about walking over the neatly polished marble floor, lest she should slip.

Guys and Gals from all parts of India were going to be her batchmates. She had never thought of this before. Nor she was aware of the vastness of the company she was going to join. But much to her astonishment, there was only a small welcome message said and they were bestowed a big flat file with loads of papers to be filled in. Thanks to all those papers, at the end of the day when all the formalities were finished, she could'nt even recognise her signature anymore.

That was not the end. 2 days later, they had an exam over the topics they would be taught during the training. It was like latin and american for our young girl, who was not from a CS background. All that she knew about the machine called Computer was that she can operate it on a fine day.

Along came the Induction Day of 10 Dec, They were made to play games, do requirement gathering, logo making. It was a quite different affair from what she had thought initially. By the end of the day she had made some new friends. She was also introduced to some friends-of-friends and so on. And she knew it was just a beginning.

Hyderabad was very similar to any north Indian city. It had its own rich culture. And anyone could survive in Hyderabad if she or he knows Hindi. Thus, our girl was able to improve her long-forgotten Hindi. Hyderabad became even more enjoyable because of her roommates. It was like, they were always meant to be friends. Each one of them enjoyed food and our girl even got a company in seeing movies, of her favourite genre, in her roommate. A few days into training, she found herself in easy conversation with every of her batchmate. Eventhough the initial OLAs and tests had made her nervous, later she got used to it. And she started to enjoy the training. One little fact, once told by her school friend, that "training period is going to be one wonderful period of your career life, never miss chance in it, enjoy it to the max". She always remembered that.

They were given enough chances to enjoyment also. Outbound brought the childishness and sportmanship in everyone, and they were also asked to explore their other talents in Spotlight like singing, dancing and acting.

During the course, her language changed from English to C#(read as C Sharp). To her the word "foreign" doesn't exist anymore, it is onsite. And MCP was no longer Male Chauvinist Pig but Microsoft Certified Professional. She Frequently used the terms OLA, KT etc eventhough she never thought about asking anyone about the expansion.

When the training was completed, she thought it was the end of the great friendship that she shared with every of her batchmate. But it was not to be. She was "benched" and that too for more than 9 months. She completed 1 year, not doing any project, actually not doing anything. It really sucks. But for the friends she is always surrounded with, it was really sucking. For a change, she shifted from Hyderabad to Bangalore, only to find that it is the same there also.

Guys, this is the story with a colorful start and not-so-colorful ending. I mean, this story is not ending at all. This is a continuing story. This is what happens to every girl in this field. You are "TRAINED AND BENCHED" (Courtesy : A friend of mine whose name in Orkut read the same).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

An Encounter With a Thief

It is not everyday that you encounter a thief who holds your hand, snatch your purse and run away. What we heard was just a loud scream of Tudy. It took us a little time to realise that the dark tall guy was indeed running with Tudy's purse. We ran after him. Out from somewhere came a guy(Read as Hero) who caught the thief. What followed was a genuine cinematic scene happening in a real life scenario(don't mind, my computer jargons might creep in sometimes). The thief was caught by his collar. The thief handed over the purse back to Hero and ran away. Thanks to Hero, we were relieved.

Our hostel is just 5-6 mins walk from the main road. A few minutes ago only, me , Blore and Koratty had met Ammini and Tudy who were waiting for their Shawarma to be parceled from the Arabian Restaurant which is on the roadside itself (Needless to say, the shawarma was for Aanakutty). We were on our way from Commercial Street, when we met both of them.

Half the way, we met PP and MJ. We just exchanged our Hi's. We didn't know that PP was staying so close to our hostel. But the most excited girl of the lot was our Blore. She was asking the same question again and again. And as always, we all grabbed up the opportunity. Eventhough we should have left that as pure excitement from her part, we started teasing her with PP's name. I certainly believe, being a part of our gang means you have to be cautious about what you do and also what you talk. You just can't say anything. Else you will punished thouroughly. Coming back to our story, PP and MJ had turned to their street and we to ours.

We were just two turns away from our hostel. As always Tudy was two steps behind all others. The thief had been following us for a long time. And suddenly he snatched away the purse from Tudy. The first thoughts that, we assumed and fully supported by Tudy, came to Tudy's mind was about her "Life", I mean her N95. There was no chiller in her account ( i.e. no use of her debit card), zero credit limit in her credit card (so no use of credit card) and the most obvious one no cash in her purse too. The only thing that mattered to her was her phone. And believe me, its not at all because it was N95. Even if it had been a Rs.500 phone, it would have still mattered a lot to her, because she lives not on food and clothes but on phone. Tudy started running after the thief. Seeing this Ammini put down all the things she had bought from shops, even her purse, and started running after the thief (or after Tudy?). Blore and Koratty too followed them, while I was left alone to pick up the things dropped by Ammini.

As she cried out louder "Thief, thief", one person (Hero), ran after the thief. It was easy for him since the thief was running away from us , in his direction. And Hero got hold of our Tudy's purse and the thief had escaped him(Later, I came to know that Koratty was too near to the thief, that she had an extreme impulse to hit the thief, but then she thought wisely and left the stunts to be performed by our hero). Hero, since he was alone, couldn't have possibly caught the thief and hold him till any other person arrived. Within a few seconds that street had become a crowded one, all discussing about the burglary and even discarded our presence. Much to our astonishment, some elderly person started scolding Hero, for not holding the thief till all others came. Some lady came upto Tudy and asked her something in Kannada, which obiviously she didn't understand. But she answered to all the lady's questions in Malayalam.

Then some handsome guys came to that scene. Really, they were so cute. Couldn't even believe that they were Mallus. Instead of thanking Hero, we thanked those handsome guys and left the scene. Its quite unbelievable that we all 5 did the same thing. Not even one person could act properly? Anyways we were more than happy to get back to normalcy in our hostel.

P.S. :- Upon Tudy's special request I am adding another "Tudy Special Fun Moment" here which happened when we had gone on for a Hostel Hunt. We had to catch a bus to White Field and in that bus, the bus conductor asked Tudy where our Office was and was it in Richmond Circle. Thanks to her deep knowledge in Hindi, all that she could understand was "Which is your Circle". To that she answered "HCU Microsoft". And then turning to me she asked how come this bus conductor know about the circle and subcircle in our Company. Rest you can imagine...

Monday, November 24, 2008

M 4 MARRY (This post is only for 2 days)

Here, it is as if an emergency has been declared in our office with a condition that we have find a spouse soon. Everyone is registering into different matrimonial sites. m4marry, shalom matrimony are a few of those. The biggest irony here is that, those who were not at all interested in getting married were the ones who started it all. Infact, it was they who invented that such sites could be opened at office also. Great!!!

One more fact- it has been found that, more interest in finding spouses is found in those who already have a partner, but yeah, it is strictly for their friends. ;-) One thing is for sure, whether my parents like or don't like my spouse, my friends will surely like him. Because it is their selection only.

It was Obamamol who started it all. Can't believe that. From somebody who was totally against marriage, to a girl who vividly searches for a groom's profile in matrimonial sites, it is a great change. Isn't it?After a long search, back at home, she found one Paulichaayan for her, who looked great and also was in abroad. It is known fact that anything related to Australia or any country abroad (except for middle east countries ) would lure our Obamamol. She fell for Paulichaayan's PR (permanent residenceship) in Australia. She even registered into the site so that she would be able to express interest to that guy. But unfortunately, it was too late. Paulichaayan hadn't logged into the site for about 6 months which could possibly be because a) he got his spouse long back b)he gave up the search (for too many girls would have showed interest in him). It could also be possible that Paulichaayan has already got married. Poor our Obamamol ! She couldn't even handle the shock. She broke into pieces. And it took a lot of man-hours (and a lot of browsing in matrimonial sites) to get over it.

Atlast she found someone. The person she had longed for was not in any matrimonial sites but was always there in our office, just waiting to be noticed. Our one and only OKU. Oku had also registered in a matrimonial site but failed to get a suitable partner. Even when we all found a girl (holding a hibiscus flower ), he didn't accept that. At that time we were totaly unaware of the reason why he was rejecting each and every of our selection. But then, we found the UNACCEPTABLE TRUTH.

Oku and Obamamol.......THEY HAD STARTED CHATTING (and that too without our knowledge-that is the important point). Within one day of talking, they found that they were meant for each other. They were glued onto their seats while chatting. It was evident that they didn't even want to have lunch in afternooon for they will miss the chat. And when we were about to leave the office, below is the conversation that happened between Oku and Ammini :

Ammini : We are leaving.

Oku : Oh good, by which bus?

Ammini : By the 4.30 bus.

Oku : Is Obama also going?

Ammini : Yeah....

After some time, things "Clicked". And there was a loud laughter around....

All is well that ends well. Now that we don't have to find spouses for Oku and Obama, we are happy.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Just For Namesake

(Updated on Monday:- I started writing this blog on last friday when most of the characters I decsribe here were not present in office.)

Just the two of us in office. It seems little weird, but me and BLORE have got used to it. Missing AMMINI in the trio "TRIMURTHIKAL", and in particular, our literary adventures that used to flood every of our hostelmate's mailbox. It has been a widely successful venture by the 3 of us. This is the only thing that has added some fun to my life at bangalore. Writing quality mails teasing each of the hostelmates in each and every occasion is an art in itself.

But the scapegoat in all these activities is our APPIMOL(Appi). Whatever the occasion may be, whoever be the one to be teased in the begining, finally all the teasing and mocking ends at Appimol only. It is very easy for any one of us to blame her and start the show. Eventhough, we know that she must be annoyed of all these things, we rarely find her arguing back at us, which inturn encourages us to write more mails and start the chain within the group.

The other person to be targetted is our KORATTYMUTHY(Koratty in short). I don't know the word in English which describe her character. She never takes anything without dropping it. This used to be talk of the town before coming to Bangalore and before we found Appimol is a perfect substitute for Koratty's accidents. TUDYMOL(Tudy) is yet another character that we have in hostel. Rarely could you find her without her phone(As if, phone was just invented for her). Within 6 months of buying the covetted N95, she had to replace the battery, headphone and also the cover. Now anyone can understand the usage of the phone.

Yet another character AANAKUTTY. Her thoughts are limited to KFC bucket chicken, McDonalds burger, Shawarma. Thank God! she hasn't still eaten Momos. Otherwise, it would also be there in the list, I suppose. Last but not the least our OBAMAMOL (Obama). There is only one such piece in the world, you can't find a replacement for her. She won't listen when we tease her and there is no stopping her when she start teasing others.

(Note:- We are all missing our THAMBIALIYAN, or Ummar who is in Hyderabad.)


Ammini was named just because of her frequently pouring eyes. It doesn't need any specific reason for Ammini to start crying.
Usually, it is said that you are bound to change the way of dressing when you are in Bangalore. The first signs of that change was shown in Blore. But things have been changing, and the name is more suitable for Koratty.
We put Appimol that name just to rhyme with her actual name. Since we are also aware of the computer jargons, we always tease her when we use AppiSettings.
As for Koratty, it all started with one of our batchmate calling her on phone mimicking as a bank agent. When she was asked to tell her native place, she replied-"K-O-R-A-T-T-Y, you want me to repeat it?" :-)
We didn't name Tudy, it was she herself who changed her name in everyone's mobile.
Thanks to her physique, we didn't have difficulty in finding name for Aanakutty.
And ObamaMol was one day really busy that she wouldn't even talk to Blore in communicator. So Blore named her Obama to comemorate the busy schedule of Obama , the President of U S of A.

N.B: It feels unfair to me if I don't disclose my name. It is COMMUNI. The reason behind is that I used to be always busy chatting in Communicator (chat device for our company) and also because I do follow some Communism.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Recession Ahead

When I first heard the word "LAY OFF", I didn't think that as a subsitute word of sacking. Similarly I learned a few more new words like Pink Slip (a cool phrase for the letter you get when you are thrown out of job), PIP (an abbreviation for performance improvement program....which means "U R DONE....u get, may be, a weeks time!") and the best word so far...RECESSION(that means the market is down, u gonna loose your job, high inflation etc etc).

It is said that India will be one country which will be slightly protected from recession (whatever the reason may be), with half the working population under a lay off threat, I hardly can believe that statement.

What Recession means to me??

I won't be doing any credit card shopping, i won't be taking any bank loans....Not because I have been advised by so many fwdd mails, but am not sure of repaying them...incase I no longer have a job. For me, it doesn't really matter as to how the economy is going up or down, all I can understand is my job is at stake. But the problem with me is that I have no other option but for this job.

I never aspired to be a Software Engineer except for one situation (infact a game..) when I was asked to think of 5 professions where I could be possible in. Regardless of whatever I thought in the past, I am what I am now. Getting into the industry is one of the easiest thing in the world, but to be in the field with the same vigour and enthu is something like Mission Impossible. Particularly, in the time of recession, everyone is regretting their decision of choosing software instead of what they studied in Engineering.

But not me...Apart from the big reason that I had no other option(I wasn't offered any other job after graduation). It was really a hardship to get through engineering. Actually I am so thankful to my University and all those teachers(Gods and Godesses) who evaluated my test sheets for making me pass everytime. I used to have atleast 2 papers each semester where I would get 40 percent which actually means that they have moderated marks to make me pass those papers :-)

And that is how I managed to attend almost all the campus interviews and finally I got through to my Company. Whatever it is I am happy for whatever I am earning now and also for the work I am not doing here everyday. And if I do loose the job that would mean that my Company gonna miss some real "coding talent".

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bangalore Times

Statutory Warning: This has little to do with those who love Bangalore or love its climate or the life in Bangalore (coz I know that nobody is going to care)....well who cares!!!

I have always thought Bangalore to be an alien planet for years. And even after living here for around 3 months that perception hasn't changed. Apart from a terrible reason(may be, for others) that I dont like the climate , I can point out hundreds of reason why I dont think I can ever adapt to Bangalore.

Bangalore may geographically belong to India, but God knows where it landed from or was it imported from some "Asserican" country. Somehow I cant see anything common in Bangalore and any other Indian cities(or metros for that matter). Girls in Bangalore must have started wearing miniskirts even before it reached the fashion capital Mumbai(or was it invented in Bangalore itself?). When I was too young to understand that it is not vulgarity to wear small clothes (how ignorant of me!!!), I screamed at such girls.

1. How would you know that you have landed up in Bangalore?
Clue1:The first person you come across after landing, is wearing a headphone and a high probability of having his/her Comapny Id around the neck.
Clue2: Or if you got into a bus, you will find many youngsters sleeping like they haven't slept for years.
Clue3: (Best if you know malayalam) You see guys speaking in malayalam.(Believe me there are more Mallus than Kannadigas in Bangalore).

Party Animal or Social Animal??
You are destined to become either one of the above options or both if you are in Bangalore. If not...are you a man? Work hard, Party harder. This is the ever rocking Bangalore!!! The lifestyle of Bangalore must have been Ctrl+C Ctrl+V (copy pasted) from some foreign(generally!) countries. It might take a hell lot of time for me to adjust to Bangalorian life.

It doen't really matter how many times you switch your partners, but mind you, you are always with an opposite sex. People look oddly at two guys walking together...Like hit films like Sholay have never bothered to make an entry to Bangalore.

Historical Monuments??
You don't find historical monuments in Bangalore, you can only find flyovers...and that too under construction.

This is not an Indian city...I have warned you earlier. English is your only hope for survival. (Damn hell !!! when will I throw off Hindi from my mouth).

In Software Field??
Am I going to curse my own field which has given me "food and shelter"......No Way...............

Ok May Be Next Time.....