Thursday, November 4, 2010

Robot (Endhiran) -Review

Well,being an ardent fan or rather AC of Rajni, its too hard for me to write an impartial review of Robot. But I'll try. Before that, let me tell you one thing. There are only 2 kinds of people on earth, 1. People who love Rajnikant and 2. people who hate Rajnikant. The former set of people would write a review like the one you're about to read. The latter ones would totally slash this movie as unrealistic and stupid.

The story revolves around Dr. Vaseegaran, a scientist played by Rajnikant, who makes an android-humanoid robot Chitti, also played Rajnikant and Sana, Dr. Vasi's girlfriend, played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Chitti who was made for the purpose of reducing human killings in the warfront lacks in the understanding of good and bad. Things turn around when Vasi try to include human emotions into Chitti. Chitti falls in love with Sana and then ofcourse a love-triangle. Vasi's envious mentor Dr. Bora, played by Danny Denzongpa, manipulate Chitti into playing the bad guy.

Robot works beyond the obvious storyline. It's the terrfic heights of execution the film reaches which makes it work so well. Forget those silicon dabbas in other sci-fi bollywood movies, this robot looks more realistic. The small sequence in which you see 100s of robots trying to form into patterns explains the entire climax which in turn will make your jaws drop with awe. 100s of Rajnikants together- Thats enough for me for a lifetime. I can die on that.

The second half becomes sluggish at certain points, particularly, the scene in which Chitti chases a mosquito. Quite forgettable. And much for the reassurance of non-Rajnikant-fans, Dr. Vasi never becomes super-human and thrashes the bad guys.

Acting- This is Rajnikant's forte. He's totally likeable both as Chitti and Vasi. Aishwarya is the beauty you want in such a movie, somebody you want even a robot to fall in love with. Danny is appreciable. But on the whole, the film doesn't demand too much from its actors. Special effects due take the entire credit.

Music- After a long time, A R Rahman has given such a forgettable album. The picturisation comes to its rescue. The Kilimanjaro song is breathe taking.

Finally, it's a movie you shouldn't miss anyhow. Once in, not lifetime because technology is something you can hardly predict, may be in the near future.

P.S :- I watched the movie with my mother-in-law and Molly chechi and Kichu, all of whom hate Rajnikant. The most disheartening thing- when Maa said that she watched the movie just because of Aishwarya and Mollychechi nodded to that.

P.S.S :- Probably watching this movie at Palakkad would've been much better experience. Having to watch a tamil movie with a crowd which wouldn't understand half of what is said on the screen is like... hell, man.

P.S.S.S :- Just so you know, I hate Aishwarya to the core. And I sometimes can't stand her.