Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Its me, the victim, this time

There is a sense of guilt that is overflowing my mind these days. And it is probably because I find my blog more of like a gossip column. If I have the right to mock at my friends, I should also never be spared. And since I am also a democratic along with being a communist, this time the post is dedicated to me and only me. The list of my blunders is too long to list, so I will limit that to a few incidents that happened recently.

Story 1:

I think I don’t have to explain anything about the “road-crossing” (take it literarily), right? You are in a metro and you can cross the roads whenever you get a chance. And if you become a traffic-rules-obedient citizen, then you are going to wait forever. “Cycle gap mein auto ghusana” that is what happens here. So on one such day, I was crossing the road with Blore and LJ (I don’t remember whether Binu, Donimol and MM were there or not). In fact, it was one of those odd days when you get a large space to cross the road and you could do it lavishly.

If I had crossed the road with at least 15degrees deviation, my “road-crossing” would have been totally uneventful. But I crossed at zero deviation. Now that is what you call the Aamir Effect (perfectionist). There was a guy who did the same. At the middle of the road, we were just going to bump on each other.

In a fraction of a second, my thoughts threw me into the grasslands of Switzerland. Note that there was a stream of music which was being played in the background. And if I remember it correctly it was a typical open note for a melodious duet and the lyrics of which consisted only of swaras’ – sa re ga ma. And then we were dancing and romancing on the tunes of a beautiful duet.
I came back to reality. We hadn’t bumped on each other at all, infact, we were standing atleast 10 inches away from each other. And then we departed in different directions. Wasn’t it unfortunate that a love story was pinched off in the pre-init stage itself? Anyways, Thank God, none was hurt in this incident.

But think of this scenario, if………..if someone, say I, was hit by a vehicle, he would have felt the guilt na? You do know what I mean by that, right? Something similar to what happens in Hindi movies. Atleast here there was a love story developing. OMG!!!!! What am I doing here in a software company? I should have been in Bollywood. Of course, K. Johar would have accepted such crap stories. But I am sure I wouldn’t ever go with this story to Mollywood. My heroine would rather allow a lorry to roll over her than to be hit by Mammootty, Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi and….and…and….is there any other actor in the industry?

Story 2:

There are a few principles that I follow when I mouthlook (sorry, I couldn't find an appropriate word for that in English, so I am simply writing the translation). Infact, I have a classification. Mouthlooking can be of two types: Temporary and Wayyyytemporary. You can put yor schoolmates, collegemates etc into the temporary category where you mouthlook them for atleast a few months. And the other one wayytemporary is the one in which you have glances of guys and gals on the roadside, in malls or anywhere and where you don't have a chance to bump on them again. So coming back to my principles.

1. Character does matter to me when it comes to temporary mouthlooking. Does it matter in the other category?
2. Boys who are slim are always preferred.
3. When you like a person, what is the harm in letting him know about that. (Infact, I don't mind anyone knowing that.)

Well, there are so many. But that is enough for now. Ok getting to the point. What happens when two mouthlookers go savvy? The answer is "They Meet". Once when I was loathing around the platform of our Railway Station (with my father beside me), I saw a line of guys who had just boarded off a train. I was having a glance of each and every one of them. Just then I saw a guy who was doing the same. There was a short telepathic conversation between us (Font in orange color is mine and green is his')
"Oh...No... Buddy....Are you nuts?"
"Nooo.........Not you"
A sigh of relief.......
" Then what? Go Next."
And then me too went NEXT. Shouldn't you appreciate my guts to mouthlook with my father just round the corner.

Story 3 :

It was just a few days back that I saw the hindi translation of Operation theatre. It is SHALYASHALA. As though we are shalyams (trouble) for the doctors. One funny thing about our Railway Hospital that I learned only a few days is also related to the shalyashala. The nurses and attendants working inside come outside and ask if anyone is there for operation or not. What the F***(beep!) man! Now you can wait in a queue for operation with the linen you have been covered with. I saw many of them (literarily) walk into the theatre. I have learned from Sydney Sheldon books that these doctors become so talkative inside the theatre and mostly they talk about food. In my nightmares, I see them operating my head and seeing my brain they exclaim "OH! This is not eatable!".

P.S. :- Song suggestion of this week: For hip-hop lovers, I guess, you should listen to the Taxi Song from the film Chakkarakatti (Tamil). It is an awesome number from the genius A R R. And you would also love the video of the song. When was the last time you heard a hindi song and said its lyrics was different and good too. When was the last time you heard a hindi song on friendship which comes close to Yeh Dosti Hum Nahi Chodenge. Well, that is what I like about Tamil songs. You have songs for every occasion with awesome lyrics.

Hey, and one more thing. I have changed my name here. It is Communi. I think it suites me more than Angel. Now that you know I aint no Angel. So if anyone comes up with a good name, I will be obliged.