Sunday, October 17, 2010

Birthdays with a twist??

Birthdays are always special. But when your birthday is in June. You'll hate it. You can't wear civil-dress to your school nor can you distribute chocolates to your classmates. And what if your father doesn't believe in celebrating birthdays and your mother always tend to forget your birthday. For years I had to suffer such ignorance (My damn lucky brother had his birthday in November which meant he could celebrate his birthday in his class). And my memory of childhood-birthday-celebration was the one and only one birthday I celebrated while I was in the fifth grade. All the neighbours were called and a feast was given to all of 'em. Thats all.

When I was working, I had two suuuper special birthdays. All my friends near me. Cutting the cake, those midnight calls to wish me, cake facials. Birthday treat at dinshaws. Oooh...nostalgic memories. Coming back.

Your first birthday with your spouse. Sounds special na. Coz you know they are never gonna forget it anyways. Nahi toh maar padegi. And think of this. When your birthdays fall on more precious days. A's birthday was on May 31st, the day next to our wedding. And mine was on June 6th, the day on which our Reception was held. We both were in cloud nine.

A's dialogue :- This is my most special birthday. I'm getting you as my birthday gift na.
Yours truly sighs.

So to make his birthday much more special, I conspired with KK into sneaking a birthday card into my new house on my wedding day. And when the clock struck twelve, I gave him the card and planted a kiss on his surprised cheeks.

June 5, 11.59 pm

My N72 was buzzing with birthday messages from around the country. Yeah I have friends all around the country and now all around the globe :-P

Communi to A :- Do you think you're missing something?
A (who was packing his clothes for the next day's Palakkad visit):- What ?? What did I miss?
Communi :- Like saying something.
A(perplexed):- What??
Communi :- I mean, do you want to say something?? to me??
A (perplexed again).

Just then the door knocks. It was KK. He was standing with a birthday card on his hand. KK wished me birthday with a hug and passed on Kamini's wishes also. I glanced A with a look-that-was-what-I-was-talking-about look. He smiled and said, "For that, you have to wait".

And it was worth the wait. At the function, I was the star. Dressed like a princess. Everyone who came there wished me on my birthday. After the function, we were supposed to leave for Palakkad and I was busy getting thmy bags ready.And just when I thought the day was over, A and KK came with a birthday cake. And thus I celebrated my first birthday at sasuraal with umpty relatives in the house.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What happened on May 30?

4 months is too long a break, isn't it? I apologise to all guys who have missed me and I sincerely warn those guys who feel happy about me not writing stupid stuff anymore... "Guys, I'm BACK ;)"

So this is what happens when you have a seafarer husband. When he's at home, you wake up at 7 and you're not back to your room until 3 am the next morning. Now that he's back onboard and I'm back to my home, I'm all set for a new era of my blog. And officially this is my first post as Mrs. A. Congratulate me.  Btw, in the past few days I learned one thing, that I'm so much accustomed to MY computer. Maybe that's why I could never post anything while I was at my sasuraal. Weird huh?

The D-Day

How could I ever keep my blog or my friends here away from the things that happened on the big day of my life. If I ever skip this part of my life, it will sound just like a B-grade movie with a continuity problem. Take it guys, you've no option left.

The most ironic part of my wedding is that I had never imagined my wedding to take place at a temple. Getting registered at a CPI(M) office ...Yes(Infact, I wished for some leftist professor of Victoria College... call it cliche!). Getting married at Railway Kalyanamandapam ...Yes. But temple wasn't really my idea. And that too at Guruvayoor, the most busiest of all temples in Kerala after Sabarimala. There was no plan-B in case he misses me and gets married to another girl. I was also warned by many aunties to keep holding the thali (mangalsutra) after the ceremony, coz you normally don't get enough time to tie it properly.

Anyways on that day, we were supposed to reach Guruvayoor by 8 so that I my beautician aunty would get enough time to dress me up for the 10.30 muhurtham. So I woke up at 3 and got ready by 5. It was for the very first time I wore saree on my own. After about one-hour of posing-for-the-cameras-and-getting-aashirwaad session, we started for Mission Guruvayoor. My very own cousin (remember him from the love letters post), who would have certainly shined as an F1 racer, made us reach Guruvayoor at 7 sharp, almost an hour ahead. Well, I hardly saw him driving because I was busy sleeping on Amma's shoulder.

Even when me and my beautician aunty were struggling with the 6 foot lamba-choudha saree, I overheard conversations between my relatives if my beautician should use Birla Wallcare Putty on my face to make me look OK before the cameras. But I guess, they must have dropped the idea for the lack of consensus. By 10, I got all dressed up.

Even PM of India would envy if he had seen me getting a Z-category protection from my cousins when we walked out of the hotel to the temple. It was such a crowdy place. And everybody seemed to stare at me. And I too was staring at them. And my stare meant the following- "Are you my relative?", "If so,Should I smile at you?",  "Who are you?". When I finally reached the mandapam, I saw A visibly confused. (Yeah, I forgot to tell you that I was wearing lens that day and the only ones who appreciated me doing that was Korattymuthy and Tudymol). When our names were called he held my hands with a whatever-the-heck-I'm-going-to-marry-this-girl look on his face. Who could blame the grooms getting confused on their wedding days.

Thankfully, we had a very elaborate ceremony of wedding. There was not much of a confusion when we were up on the stage. My nightmares of falling down the stairs also didn't come true. Somehow it all went fine.
Wedding is one occassion where you definitely know nobody loses attention for you. Suddenly all of your relatives become friendly. You smile at people who you haven't seen at all. You talk to people whom you haven't heard of. The most tedious task of all -Posing for the cameras with a smiling face. At the end of the day, your cheeks start aching and even if you want, you can't smile.
Another ritual during the weddings is of the relatives feeding the new couple with milk which has sugar and banana slices added. A seemed so comfortable doing that but I was begging to all my relatives not to take spoonful of the syrup. "Cheriacha,  please take just one piece of banana, not two". I still wonder how I managed not going to the loo that entire day.

Horrific times:- After the ceremony we had another task of registering the marriage at the Muncipality office. Waiting there for almost 2 hours, we were running out of time. We were supposed to reach Ekm by 4.30 for grihapravesham. Adding on to that the driver started driving superbly slow. We reached home at just about 4.28. We literally had to run towards the house- my one hand had been held by Paa and with the only left one I was trying to hold my saree. Right when I was getting into the house with that big lamp on my hands, crackers were burst. It was a total dhamaka. Eventhough I enjoyed the warm welcome, my nightmares of dropping things and falling on my big day were still haunting me.

Anyways that was my BIG day. Thought it would never happen. But it has happened and it has been 4 long months after that.

P.S.:- Nothing about the food in this post and that's precisely because I hardly remember its taste. Maybe I never bothered to eat it. I hate the kalyanasadhya of Thrissur and particularly Guruvayoor and I felt sorry that my wedding had to have the same. I hope I can make upto it in my brother's marriage. All I want him is to get married to a Palakkadan girl atleast for a good Palakkadan sadhya.

P.S.S. :- Why is that Hindu marriages don't have the Now-you-may-kiss-the-bride part? So..o unromantic na.

P.S.S.S :- Today is the anniversary of me getting hitched to A. And my husband is hopefully talking about this to the sea right now.