Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweetest Moment

I visited my Achamma(Grandma) yesterday at my Aunt's and was so surprised to hear this from her.

Aunt : Amma, thenga kku englishil entha paraya ( naariyal ko English mein kya kehte hai)
Achamma: Coconut
Aunt : Pinne 25 ino?
Achamma : Twenty Five *Sounding more like twentyphive*

My Achamma is almost 96 years old. Never had formal education. Just the homeschooling her humble family could afford in a time when parents never thought of educating their daughters. But then the quick learner she is, she is well versed with Ramayana and Mahabharata. She was married off to my Grandpa at a tender age of 14 and after that she was pretty busy with farming and giving birth to her 5 kids.

And at this age, she doesn't remember anyone of us. A year back she atleast had my father, her first kid, in her memory, but now she seems to have gone back to her childhood and doesn't even remember the fact that she was married. And English.... coming from her mouth... I couldn't be more happier and surprised. * Wide Smiles*

P.S.:- Its for these moments I love the blogworld. My memories eternalised.

P.S.S :- Just finished Revolution 2020. Not as bad as the reviews I heard. The problem, I guess, is that having written about his life in the first few books, we expect him to deliver the same(the Chetan- effect as one of my friend referred it) in each and every book. Well the first part of Chetan meeting a guy who has a story to tell has become so..o repetitive.

P.S.S.S :- Anyways R2020 was quite a relief from the hangover of " Oh, Shit, Not Again". Man, we were so deceived by the back cover page. Please never, ever read it. Such a pathetic one.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Back and how???

Seriously I have no idea why it never struck me that I even had a blog for the past one year. And having a job is the lamest of all excuses I can claim. And now jotting down something now just for the sake of having 2011 on my archives, Shame on me. But I sincerely apologise my bloggie dear for having let her not be a part of my life this year. this year has been a rollercoaster ride. Faced its ups and lows. Went through all kinds of emotion. Pretty much like every year. And this May marked a year of loving and caring, fighting and apologising, getting onto each others nerves, of being me and A together. And this is December, so this is 1.5 yrs, next May it will be 2 and the one after that.......just kidding. (you really think I have gone out of too). Anyways the best part of coming-back-now is that I am now thinking in terms of words, just like ol' times. Getting into the groove.

So this post is all about updates, crisp and clear.

Since the last post, I went on from jobless to jobful. Again. On the other side of the counter of bank. Yep, I am now a "Banker". Enjoying all the laziness and uneargerness of a clerk. Just the way I wanted. March saw KK and Kamini getting married. So we are roommates now (before you think anything else, just reminding you that our husbands have gone sailing). April saw Roger coming into our lives and sharing a space with Richie. Both don't realise that they are Dachshunds, and bark as if they are Bulldozers. I guess, by now A is really convinced that I can look after a dog, his biggest passion. I dread his dream of opening of a kennel with a minimum of 10 dogs.

And yeah of course April was also the month of accident. A suffered a hairline fracture while I being on the 'lighter' side had a parabolic fall, thus making me less prone to injuries. My specs, our phones escaped the tragedy but my heart-shaped white gold ring didn't make it. May...I told you already. June..nah nothing special.
Things after July has been monotonic. Just the job and a few outings. Not that I want to have another accident and get bedridden, but its so boring. Boring....may be not. Yeah, I do have a boss I could loathe about. Some unique colleagues. More on them in my forthcoming posts. Watch out for more.

P.S. :- No time for rechecking the grammatical mistakes.

P.S.S:- I am still wondering how many of fav bloggers have reduced their writings or completely stopped it. I'm waiting for Shanu's. Want more from Lakshmi, Dhanya, Jibu and everyone. Please write more, you guys. Neha you are doing splendid dear. :)

P.S.S.S :- Still to learn about the new Dashboard.