Thursday, January 2, 2014

its new year...

*Its 31st dec. And I am reading anita's blog on Christmas. It has been pending for a few day now. The post ends saying that it might well be the last post of the year. And something strikes me. Oh shit. The desultory mind. I type the address in the address bar. March 2013. Thank God. Something has been already written for this year. Yep, that's me. And that's how my blog works. Just so that I don't miss 2013 in my archives.
Jan 1st.So there's a lot of time to post, exactly 365 days. I hope its not a leap year. Communi back to the snail mode. *

Guys... Happy new year. 2014 is here and I kneel down and pray to God, please please let this be a better year. 2013 was definitely bad. Some of the events I don't even wanna remember had occured in this year. Of course. Ananya was always there. Her pretty smiles, actions, everything has been the wound heeler.

Come to think of it. I haven't written a word since March. Of course I have been on a lazier mood for the past few years, but atleast I used to think about blogging once in a while. These days its not even about getting inspired. But more so its about the mind. I had so..o wanted to write everything Ananya did. But... I promise you my sweetheart, I'll take all the effort to jot down those lovely moments with you so that one day you can relive those.

*Sweet kisses to the lil mischievous girl sleeping beside me. She has been haunted by a series of illness for the past two months. Poor baby. Though nothing has stopped her from throwing tantrums every now and then. *

When I started writing this post, I was a lil hesitant. But I now feel the gush of words. Its flowing. I have never felt that I am grammatlly pakka. But it had never stopped me from writing. And now I feel the pure pleasure of blogging. The only problem being my phone. I still haven't learned to type in this qwerty keypad. Dictionary was way easier in N72.

Talking about blogging, l find blogging lingo has creeped into television. I find the narration in the travelogues particularly the foodie ones having blog lingo. You know what I mean, right. Yesterday I saw a cute lady chef in food food channel preparing some Christmas delights. She was the one who made me think in this direction. She had both the narrative part and the dialogue parts. She was going on talking about being graceful in everything you do. Even while you are kneading dough for the cake. Really...

Whatever. Before even  2nd Jan finishes, let me post this or lazy me will wait for another day without contributing anything. And 2nd Jan reminds me... 3 of my classmates have 2nd Jan as birthday. So happy birthday guys.

P. S. :- Please forgive me for all the grammatical mistakes. I won't be able to find mistakes in a phone even if I read it a 100 times.

P. P. S :- I am quite skeptical about how the post would actually look like in the computer. I have no idea about the alignment of the pics.

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Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

Hope the baby is fine now! Have a happy new year 2014 and may blessings come your way !

Red Handed said...

I never knew there existed something called the blogging lingo :O

COMMUNI said...

Thank you Anita. Ananya is doing fine now.

COMMUNI said...

Redhanded thank you for visiting here and I am doing the clarification in my next post. Please do read that.